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Comment Experts in something else besides IT (Score 1) 235

I think they're experts in routing cables in very tight and uncomfortable spaces like attics and crawl spaces. They would often want to route stuff directly through a wall rather than in-wall because it's the easier to do the former. But I appreciate their expertise in this area. Connecting stuff to MPOEs and NIDs they definitely know that stuff. How to tell if the wiring into a premises are electrical or telco, yup. Splicing fiber, definitely. I'm surprised they're paid that low because I've asked a contractor how much it would cost to route networking and video cables in a home and I was quoted $4500 for 20 drops.

But in terms of hooking stuff to an enterprise switch, I have doubts most of them know about VLANs and stuff like that.

Comment Re:Who are the backers of Zynga? (Score 2) 554

Very easy information to get:

Board of Zynga http://company.zynga.com/node/876:
Mark Pincus
Zynga CEO and Founder

Bing Gordon
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Partner

Brad Feld
Foundry Group Managing Director

Jeffrey Katzenberg
CEO of DreamWorks Animation

John Schappert
Director and Chief Operating Officer

Owen Van Natta
Director and Chief Business Officer

Reid Hoffman
LinkedIn founder and Executive Chairman

Stanley J. Meresman

Investors: http://allthingsd.com/20110718/zynga-updates-ipo-filing-to-list-investors-and-googles-one-of-them/

"Here's the list of investors. I did not include all of the mutual fund holdings because there are dozens:

Google Inc.
DAG Ventures Limited
SB Asia Pacific Investments Limited
Digital Sky Technologies Limited
DST Global Limited
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Fenwick & West LLP
Institutional Venture Partners XII, L.P.
Union Square Ventures 2004, LP
Union Square Principals 2004, LLC
PG Ventures, Inc.
Foundry Venture Capital 2007, L.P.
F&W Investments LLC-Series 2007
Laird H. Simons, III
Theodore H. Pincus Declaration of
Trust Dated June 10, 1992
Archimedes Capital
Reid Hoffman
Paul Martino
The Dâ(TM)Anconia Trust
Peter Thiel
Avalon Ventures VIII, LP
Gary Leff
European Founders Fund GmbH & Co.

Comment Re:God enough (Score 1) 471

Only applicable to data center and enterprise editions, not standard or web editions. The 4GB includes memory for applications and drivers so you either can have 2GB for apps + 2GB for kernel or 3GB/1GB using the /4GT switch. But it is a trade off if you have more than 1GB for the kernal. This dilemma is especially evident if you're using Terminal Services which will have performance issues if kernel space is less than 2GB. http://www.brianmadden.com/blogs/brianmadden/archive/2004/02/19/the-4gb-windows-memory-limit-what-does-it-really-mean.aspx

Comment Re:God enough (Score 1) 471

Actually recently XP-x64 is better supported because more people delayed migrating to Vista so they opted for XP. HP for instance has more XP x64 drivers for their newer machines although coverage is not 100%.

Comment Re:Hmmm, nope. (Score 1) 276

I like Stacy Keach myself since he's done quite a few PBS documentaries.

I think it's interesting the original Star Trek series used a woman's voice for the majority of the computer voices but most, if not all the bad computer voices were male voices. The M5 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ultimate_Computer and ISS Enterprise's computer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror,_Mirror_(Star_Trek:_The_Original_Series) being ones I can quickly think of.

Comment Re:Perhaps to one's surprise? (Score 1) 327

My, what short memories people have. I admit it is too early to tell whether the 4S will be a success but many of the coverage I've heard or read expressed what a let down the introduction was.


Rival smartphone makers could exploit a rare letdown by Apple in the launch of its new iPhone 4S model, which failed to wow fans, and grab a bigger share of the most lucrative part of the phone market.


"It's certainly a disappointment given the fact that people were looking for a new iteration to be number 5 in this case," says David Garrity, principal at GVA Research.


"Underwhelming is the word that hit me," said Endpoint Technologies Associates analyst Roger Kay.

The letdown was echoed in the early performance of Apple's shares, which fell as much as 5% Tuesday and finished down 0.6% at $372.50 at 4 p.m. trading even as the broader market rose.

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