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Comment blocking it at the firewall (Score 2) 158

As KiloByte wrote, your list is very incomplete. You can block Facebook at the firewall if you use the ASN to look up all the nets involved.
/usr/bin/whois -h whois.radb.net '!gAS32934' | tr ' ' '\n'

From there you can munge the list of nets into a list of firewall rules and add them to your firewall. No more tracking by Facebook.

Comment Re:How to treat a loyal customer (Score 4, Informative) 571

Here's two: Citadel and Kolab

Among other things, Kolab is a product of a series of contracts for the federal office for Security in the Information Technology in the German Government, though both are quite secure.

Then there are two more: OpenGroupware and Zimbra. Module options are out there. If you're not finding them, then it's because you are not looking.

Comment robots.txt -- yet again (Score 1) 114

If the law passes, the search engines will go "fuck that" and only index free content or newspapers that specifically allow their stuff to be indexed for free. The other newspapers will lose their only remaining readers under fifty and die out along with that generation.

The supreme stupidity here is that a law is not needed. If the sites don't want to be indexed, it's dead simple to set up robots.txt to keep out Google and the others. But that's been pointed out thousands of times by now. So if they and the courts are not getting it by now, it is because they choose not to get it.

Comment Dell Laptop $70 cheaper with Ubuntu Linux (Score 1) 403

Microsoft is essentially paying a large builder like Dell to put Windows on the systems. Linux, on the other hand, has no one paying Dell, so that $50 premium probably represents the loss those marketing dollars.

That would make sense except that just the other day a Dell Laptop was $70 cheaper with Ubuntu Linux. Screenshots are included. I won't argue against a Ubuntu computer being worth more than a Windows box, but something is wrong.

Comment or block it at the firewall (Score 1) 686

Am I the only one that uses a hosts file? Takes care of more than just ads.

It's to the point now that when I see ads, I'm shocked. I've had them blocked for years.

They may be able to stop adblock, but good luck trying to outlaw a hosts file.

/etc/hosts is one way. It's also very easy to block it at the firewall. That goes for ad servers as well as trackers and is easily done whether using PF or IPtables. It takes a moment to set up and then your surfing is faster and less annoying.

Comment Re:Koha (Score 1) 230

Koha is a good call. Many libraries use it. It might be overpowered for such as small collection, but it does work well with collections of any size, even in multiple languages. However, one point to make is that the original Koha domain got poached by squatters. The original project is now available at a new domain, Koha-Community.org.

Comment Re:Isn't AdBlock supposed to filter such ads? (Score 1) 299

adblock would have to block the entire facebook website to block these ads.

Another way to block the entire Facebook site is to do it at the firewall. Facebook has trackers, not just ads, present in a great many pages. The way to get them all is to get them at the firewall.

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