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Comment Re: Windows == negligence (Score 1) 71

In addition to security there is also the ease of maintenance that you gain by eliminating windows. But security alone should be enough to force the decision by insurance companies offering 'hacker insurance': Time may go by and the name may change, but it is still the old NT kernel underneath.

The Vista series is as vulnerable as XP. That includes Vista 7 and Vista 8. Every few months you have vulnerabilities that affect the whole zoo. On top of that you have a thriving ecosystem of malware flame and Conficker. New malware arrives and joins the old which never really goes away. It is the whole system that is weak, not just the pieces. Not even new, unready systems like Haiku-OS have that. The only way to leave it behind is to leave Windows behind.

No, the only real change since more than 10 years ago has been how M$ has been gaming the vulnerability reports and CERT. Even the shills and astroturfers defending M$ are nothing new.

Comment Windows == negligence (Score 1) 71

Because insurances are notorious for requiring their customers to minimize the chance for a reason to file a claim, and your premium is usually dependent on your risk.

Windows user pay higher premiums, but at this point it could qualify as willful negligence. Sure the system may have come with Windows but that's no excuse not to clean it off before connecting to the net.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 289

Read that article all the way to the end, they are not going rolling release. That was just is just a proposal for discussion. Later articles show that it got shot down, though this new 9 months of support for the non-LTS versions is almost the same. In practice was probably just trolling from your M$ buddy Rick Spencer who somehow got inside Ubuntu and has been starting to work his toxic magic on it.

Comment Diverse Double-Compiling as a countermeasure (Score 2) 332

Actually, that, too, has been thought of and worked out. The trusting-trust attack can be fully countered through Diverse Double-Compiling. It's all over my head but the material is there at several levels of detail for those who would read it.

Comment ineffective (Score 1) 118

It depends on what that two-factor authentication is. If it's just another password, then the keylogger can (and will) steal those and you are no better off security-wise than before. What's needed is something serious like one-time passwords. An added advantage with them is that even if they are sniffed, they are no good for an attacker to try to reuse.

Comment false positives and angry models (Score 1) 306

If they mean "all underage" and not just "blatantly children", good luck with that. There are no characteristics that will distinguish between 17 and 18, or even older. What is the software going to think of Kat Young, for example? What about models who are just small?

Also are they going to attempt to sort through drawings at all, considering they are legal in some jurisdictions and not others?

I sense false positives and angry models in Google's future.

Most models are just small. The average female porn star is a 5'5" brunette woman who weighs 117lbs and has B-cup breasts, and measures 34"-24"-34". So half are smaller. The lightest is apparenly only 74lbs.

Comment Forged video evidence during antitrust trial (Score 4, Informative) 193

Judge Jackson put up with all kinds of crap during the antitrust trial that would have garnered normal people punishment for contempt of court. One of the more ridiculous examples was when Microsoft execs presented a forged video as evidence in the trial. Not only was the video doctored, it was doctored in a bad, amateurish manner, just like their software. Even at the time it was a puzzle why that went unpunished. Now we can see that was just standard operating procedures for M$.

Comment One example (Score 1) 457

That's one example, and did not run through to the end. Yes, it was at least close, but after contact cut off, it could have deviated quite a distance to either side or even fallen short.

With the US forces it was the same video shown over and over and over. The one down the elevator shaft. If it had happened more than once then we would have seen a more representative sample. One lucky shot was caught on film, that's all.

Comment APT-Cacher, Squid (Score 3, Interesting) 212

A good rule of thumb is to roll your sessions back prior to the start of every single class. This always gives a fresh machine and the students will quickly learn how to set their VM just the way they want it.

They can start each class with a fresh snapshot. In effect they would be restoring from backups. The configuration files from some other networked storage or their thumb drives and the applications themselves from the repositories. I've done something similar, but on bare metal, and after about half a dozen times they don't notice -- it had become such second nature to install and restore applications. Heck you might even have them practice installing the whole system from scratch. If you go that route, they can become quite proficient with installation and resource allocation. PXE booting a netinstall image helps there.

However, once you start to load packages from the net things can really slow down unless you prepare. The best way is to have a cache like APT-Cacher or Squid on your LAN or host system and have them configure their systems to use it for APT. For the cache to be most effective, you have to pre-load it before each class. That's easy and can be done while doing other things. It only takes time not attention. But once you have the cache loaded, installation will fly and can be done in 15 - 20 minutes. After that they weren't shy about installing on their own computers at home or helping their friends.

Comment ssh (Score 1) 260

If SSH is working properly you don't need a VPN. In fact if your service is so insecure that it needs a VPN then it probably shouldn't be connected to the net in the first place. Same goes for Git, SVN and other versioning. I can think of dozens of work activities that would never need to use a VPN. The whole premise of low VPN usage smacks of MBA-driven ignorance and Windows quirks.

Comment Re:Fuck those companies (Score 1) 198

True. Those things are almost exact opposites. You will never waste money by cutting costs, if you are accounting correctly.

Creative accounting has created too many problems and expenses already. Cost cutting itself will never waste money if the actual cost cutting is really done right. I've seen and heard of too many cases, especially in larger companies, of being penny wise pound foolish.

Comment Re:Sick of this over-promoted hipster (Score 1) 199

Good point. Nicholas Negroponte's One Laptop Per Child didn't fail on its own, however. It had help from M$ and M$' better half, Intel. They got in and messed with OLPC causing delays, barriers and overruns. Even in the most generous assessments, Intel had a serious conflict of interest because it was actively trying to sell a product of its own which competed directly with OLPC. The OLPC was suppose to be based on the AMD Geode and Intel couldn't have that.

Comment Deferred sales (Score 1) 319

Yeah, and kid$ like you have been $aying this $ince '98, too. *Yawn*

To be fair it must be pointed out that M$ ran an $18 billion loss in 1998. Subsequently they may have gone over to Enron-style accounting to shuffle the numbers. Now even with all the voodoo economics, M$ is running a loss. Things would be even more bleak without tricks like deferred sales.

So if it were up to just the numbers, they would have been long gone.

Comment No call made to abolish (Score 2, Informative) 353

He made no call to abolish the TSA. He made a call to privatize it. There is a world of difference. There would be even less oversight of the TSA if it were out of government hands. It's bad enough as it is. Privatizing it would just remove all accountability, not that there is that much now. If it really were a call to abolish the TSA, that is something that many freedom lovers could get behind.

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