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Comment Re:Classic case (Score 1) 509

It's something people assume of left-handed people. Most of the time it's assumed that left-handed people are libertarian or liberal-leaning political individuals, which automatically means that the person making the assumption is a right-wing political individual. That bias automatically boils down to "different == sinful/evil".
It's kinda cute :-)

Comment Re:Applying the knee-jerk logic... (Score 1) 509

A) Yes, that's a problem.
B) Yes, that's what it was invented for.
C) Driving/insurance/safety equipment are daily activities that are a part of mundane everyday life. Guns are protection from people who no longer believe the laws to be worth following. (and those trying to remove said defense to allow the action to occur)
D) Everyone who disagrees with you is an idiot or a troll. Why are you arguing?

Comment Re:Business use (Score 1) 203

Businesses use both, actually. Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, American Express, Charles Schwab... I could go on and on.
MSSQL is mostly used when Microsoft-related items need to query the data, or some other product that drank from the Microsoft kool-aid. Every other time, I've seen a mix of Oracle, MySQL, & Postgres.

With a smattering of db2.

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