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Comment Re:JQuery (Score 1) 153

Never underestimate the patience of the dial-up user. My mother refuses to move past dial-up (mostly because I've got her a free account, whereas she'd have to pay a whoppin' ten bucks a month for DSL), and does in fact watch YouTube videos. Yes, it takes two or three hours for the video to download, but it can be done apparently.

Next to that, an extra few seconds for jQuery is nothin'.

Comment Re:Is throttling really cheaper? (Score 2, Informative) 640

Throttling is dirt-cheap.

I work for an ISP that's probably comparable (wireless, so each connection is slower than a cable connection, but there's more of them). If you want to roll your own stuff, a juicy PC with two network cards and some layer-7 rules should be doable for under $1000.

You can also buy one of these, and configure it to do the shaping for about $1500, if you want a sexy rackmount unit and support.

They work quite well for basically everything except encrypted BitTorrent (and I'm sure that's just a matter of time).


Submission + - More Allegations of Developer Misconduct in EVE

umilmi81 writes: The EVE Online player based alliance GoonSwarm has published an open letter, including screen shots, accusing CCP employees of joining a member corporation, giving himself director level permissions, and then leaving the corporation.

In-game petitions sent to CCP about the incident were subsequently deleted. A forum moderator acknowledged the accusations, and has directed the matter to internal affairs.

CCP created an internal affairs department after admitting developer misconduct on previous occasions.

Submission + - All Air Travel To/From U.S. Now Requires Passport

s31523 writes: "It may come as a surprise to some, but in previous years travel to/from the United States to/from neighboring countries did not require a passport for re-entry into the U.S. Not anymore, as new regulations go into effect today that will require a passport for travelers entering the U.S. from neighboring countries like Canada, Mexico, and various Caribbean islands. U.S. territories are the only exception. The new rule even applies to children, as noted on the U.S. Dept. of State website."

Submission + - IE7 on Vista blocks www.mozilla.com

gropix writes: Just try going to www.mozilla.com in Vista and it hangs. Shows the title, fetches the info but just hangs. Haven't found anyother website that is similarly blocked and changing the sub-domain gets round the problem. Interesting way of steming the tide of new firefox users, most consumers have no way of getting Firefox except via IE.

Submission + - Zone-H.org domain got hijacked

Willem de Groot writes: "The domain of Zone-H, a major archive of website defacements, got hijacked today at 12:15:26 UTC. The crackers changed DNS servers and are directing traffic to an US server instead of the Estonian Zone-H servers. It is as yet unclear how the crackers could achieve control of the domain. The old http://www.zone-h.org/ site (at doesn't mention anything about the hijack yet."
XBox (Games)

Submission + - No, You Can't Stream Any IPTV Content over Xbox

An anonymous reader writes: During Microsoft's CES keynote, Bill Gates and his cohorts announced the new Microsoft TV IPTV Edition and demonstrated some of its more compelling features. At the end of that segment, the Microsoft presenters let us know that their IPTV demonstration was performed on an Xbox 360. The audience cheered. They cheered because they assumed you could use an Xbox 360 to deliver any old IPTV content to the television. You can't. It only works if you subscribe to an ISP that provides services using Microsoft TV IPTV Edition. Even then, you can only watch that provider's content, not any old TV show streamed over the Internet.
The Internet

Submission + - The Death of Domain Parking

Anonymous Coward writes: "Is Richard Rosenblatt, the former MySpace CEO, about to revolutionize the domain industry? Quote: "I thought, it can't be that easy. So I talked to some domainers, and they said, 'We own 300,000 domains, we make $20 million a year, we have just four employees and some servers in the Caymans.'" Rosenblatt wants to use millions of currently unused domains to create a new vertical Web 2.0 empire.

http://www.dailydomainer.com/news/200733-200733-de ath-of-domain-parking.html"

Submission + - Indians use Google Earth, GPS to protect Amazon

Damien1972 writes: "Deep in the most remote jungles of South America, Amazon Indians are using Google Earth, GPS, and other technologies to protect their fast-dwindling home. Tribes in Suriname, Brazil, and Colombia are combining their traditional knowledge of the rainforest with Western technology to conserve forests and maintain ties to their history and cultural traditions. Indians use Google Earth to remotely monitor their lands by checking for signs of miners and GPS to map their lands. "Google Earth is used primarily for vigilance," Vasco van Roosmalen, program director of a nonprofit involved in the project."

Submission + - Copyleft vs Zune

Tag writes: "Microsoft's competitor to the iPod is proving to be quite the controversy. One point that has been brought up is Zune's ability to wirelessly transfer songs, allowing the recipient to play the song 3 times before it is locked out by Microsoft's DRM (Digital Rights Management) that is added to the file for wireless transfer. This seems like a "wicked smaht" solution to the ongoing bickering by the RIAA & the 'Napsterites'. My problem with this, is if I record my own album and put it onto my Zune, and my music is under a license resembling the Copyleft, providing for the free transfer of music, without allowing the license to change, will Microsoft's DRM violate my rights? Technically it would take my license, and put Microsoft's DRM "3 Play" on it. The best analogy to this is a program under the GNU license, or equivalent being given to someone as shareware (x days before it no longer works). Comments?"

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