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Comment Re:Simple: compromise (Score 1) 410

That's the German constitution though. Has no effect outside Germany and so cannot be a fundamental human right - just a fundamental German right. Also, who gets to define "dignity"? Can I end my life in a dignified way if there is no other choice? Not in Germany I can't.

There are no fundamental right, no inviolable rights. There are rights bestowed upon us by societies, but not all societies agree on any single aspect of what is a fundamental or inviolable right. Therefore there is no such thing as a fundamental or inviolable human right.

Comment Re: Are all freedoms equal? (Score 1) 242

Innate Rights are something which no legitimate government may strip from you; in very rare circumstances Freedoms must be curtailed to protect other's Innate Rights, but these are limited in scope (i.e. you aren't allowed to experiment with radioactive isotopes in your basement or aren't supposed to yell fire in a crowded theater) by definition.

In which case, you have no innate right to life in the US. The (legitimate) government can strip you of your right to life and sentence you to death, carrying through with the execution.

Comment Re:That's simply not going to happen in this decad (Score 3, Insightful) 417

Wow, I'm honestly surprised they haven't let you go already for making waves, but I suppose since it sounds like it doesn't happen that often at the company you're employed at, it's probably taking them longer to build a solid documentation case against you.

Where I work, I get written up if I do not report a SOX compliance issue that I come across. We have employees whose sole job is to ensure SOX compliance within the company, and it's not seen as "making waves" it's seen as making sure the company is compliant with government legislation that would otherwise shut the company down PDQ.

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