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Comment Re:AMD CPU too (Score 1) 144

I have bought several ATI cards over the years, and not once could I get the drivers that came with the card to install. I always had to download newer ones and install parts of those, reboot, then try to install the ones that came with it and get a little more to install, reboot, then try the new ones again, and they would bitch that I needed to install Y to be able to install X, but when I tried to install Y it required X, until I manually installed the card as a generic VGA card and then manually installed drivers for a much older card and then started over with alternating between different versions, etc. etc. etc.

My once many-hundreds-of-dollars top-of-the-line 850 XT PE AGP is still suiting me just fine (perhaps the fasted AGP card ever), but I haven't dared try to upgrade the drivers since I bought it years ago. But I might have to, CLI.exe or something crashes at bootup now.

Every nvidia card I've owned installed flawlessly the first time, without 3-30 reboots that ATIs require.

Comment CnC Gold (Score 1) 234

OMG someone please revive the original Command and Conquer. That game was so much fun, and such a good strategy game, and not complicated by 2700 possible upgrades like current RTS games. Just guile and strategy by the players.

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Submission + - Teacher's conviction for porn popups set aside (

scaridicat writes: Julie Amero, the substitute teacher convicted of four felony counts when a computer in her classroom subjected seventh-graders to pornographic images, has been granted a new trial in light of fresh forensic information that came to light following her first trial.

In setting aside the conviction on Wednesday, Superior Court Judge Hillary B. Strackbein ruled that the prosecution's expert computer witness, a Norwich police detective, provided "erroneous" testimony about the classroom computer, according to an article in the Hartford Courant. She cited a forensic computer analysis conducted after the trial by the state police crime lab, which she said "contradicts testimony of the state's computer witness."

At Wednesday's hearing, Assistant State Attorney David Smith — who during the trial argued the evidence was "clear cut" that Amero had caused the pornography to appear on the computer — acknowledged that erroneous information concerning the computer was presented to the jury. He said the state would take no position on Amero's motion for a new trial, an indication she will not be tried again.

"A great weight has been lifted off my back," a tearful Amero, 40, said following the ruling.

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