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Comment Re:Theft Protection (Score 1) 225

Worth Ave Group seems to be the only one that covers theft.

I used them for my iPad however I just sold my iPad and they don't let you transfer warranties (the warranty covers the user not the item). Unsure if they refund any money if you cancel a policy since I haven't called yet and they don't let you cancel online.

So for my new iPhone 5 I got SquareTrade again since you can transfer warranties if you sell the product and you can cancel early and get refunded the difference (I got $67 back from canceling my 4S policy).

So if theft is a big issue for you then Worth Ave Group is OK I guess but for my needs I'm sticking with SquareTrade.

Comment Re:They are all vulnerable to the same method (Score 2) 128

The solution is quite obvious.

Step 1. Require the user to provide
  a. Complete name and address
  b. credit card + exp + csv
  c. social security #
  d. faxed copy of ID or license

Step 2. Confirm the name and address is valid via credit card and ID

Step 3. Mail certified letter containing captcha code to customer

Now in 6-8 weeks the user will receive their certified captcha documentation, sign for it and then be able to log in to your site.

Quite simple really.

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