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Comment Bill Stone's TED Talk (Score 4, Informative) 251

His TED Talk was great:
(the moon stuff is towards the middle/end)

They're also on RocketHub ("crowdfunding"):

I just found out about Bill and his company yesterday. I'm hoping they're successful!

Comment Re:That didn't take too long to fail (Score 1) 473

He was most likely referencing these steps or something similar:

iTunes: How to remove and reinstall the Apple Mobile Device Service on Mac OS X 10.6.8 or Earlier (google cache)

In which you must reboot then delete an additional file and reboot again.

However as I said in my reply I was able to do it with just 1 reboot before starting the reinstall and it's possible I didn't even need to reboot that time I just wanted to be safe.

Comment Re:That didn't take too long to fail (Score 1) 473

FYI when I migrated to my new iMac several months ago my iTunes broke and I had to do those magical instructions however I was able to perform them all at once without the reboot steps. I just rebooted once after killing all the recommended tasks/deleting the files and then I was able to re-install after booting back up and all was fine.

It's possible that may be due to the fact that I turn off certain features (such as iTunes opening when connecting a device) so maybe some extensions/services weren't running on my Mac so I was able to skip the reboot steps.

Just figured I'd mention it if you want to try without having to reboot 3 times.

Comment Re:URL shorteners, a solution looking for a proble (Score 1) 133

The company I work for has a hyphen/dash in the URL. Trying to tell someone to go to "w w w foo DASH bar dot com" over the phone is a nightmare!

Them: "What's a dash?"
Me: "A hyphen"
Me: "A minus sign"
Me: "the key next to the 0"

And then they end up saying they got it but when I tell them to click a link they say they don't see it and I realize they went to instead of and I end up having to ask if they have an email address so I can send them a link instead.

Oh and then when I have to give out my e-mail address... sigh.

Comment HSN (Home Shopping Network) also... (Score 1) 115

April 2, 2011

Dear HSN Customer,

HSN values your trust and wants to make you aware of a recent incident. We learned from our email provider, Epsilon, that limited information about you was accessed by an unauthorized individual or individuals. This information included your name and email address and did not include any financial or other sensitive information. We felt it was important to notify you of this incident as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience and have outlined below a number of email safeguards to help ensure your privacy online.

Email scams, spam, and other attacks on email systems are on the rise, but, by taking certain precautions when receiving emails, you can continue to safely use email for your business and personal needs:

        * Don't open links or attachments from people you don't know and trust.
        * Don't provide personal, financial, or other sensitive information when asked to do so by email. Most reputable companies do not ask for such information by email, and, rest assured, we will not do so.
        * If you receive an email appearing to come from us that does ask you for sensitive information, do not respond, click on any links, or download any attachments. Instead, please inform us immediately at the toll-free number or email address provided below.

We take your privacy very seriously and work diligently to protect your information, whether held by us or by our service providers. HSN's internal databases, which store all customer-provided data, were in no way compromised. Our email provider has taken significant steps to further protect the limited customer information held in its databases. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this incident, please contact us toll free at 1-800-933-2887 or email us at

Gregg Stallwood
Senior Vice President, Customer Care â" HSN

Please do not reply to this email. If you would like to contact us, please call us toll free at 1-800-933-2887 or email us at
HSN Interactive LLC | Attn: Customer Service | 1 HSN Drive | St. Petersburg, FL 33729â


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