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Comment Re:Citation needed (Score 2, Informative) 745

I found Android to be a great platform to develop on. The biggest hurdle was using Eclipse after being a Win32/Visual Studio dev for 10 years.

I was attracted to it by the lower cost of entry (I didn't have to buy an apple!) and the lack of a GateKeeper at the app store. The pleasant development framework was an added bonus. The smaller user population isn't as cool right now, but I haven't invested so much into it that I can't afford to wait while the market grows.

Comment Re:Three words: (Score 1) 443

I don't go to movies to cry, to crawl my soul picking it apart, to discover some great psychobabble about about the human condition...

I go to a damn movie to be entertained. This trailer appears to deliver.

I see this a lot: "It's just Dances with Wolves". Yeah. I liked Battlestar Galactica & Batman, both of which got a reboot recently and yet managed to not suck. It's James Cameron, not Uwe Boll: he's got experience NOT sucking.

Several people say it's all about selling toys. Nerd Alert: I've got a full set of the Hasbro Titanium BSG ships, plus as many TIE Fighters as I can find, and display cases of Stormtroopers. I don't have any ewoks or jar-jars, tho. Obviously being a toy source totally dooms the franchise.

"OH NOES! TEH GRAPHICS! THEY SUXXORS!" Really? I didn't notice any issues. In a 90sec trailer I didn't see crappy textures, broken models, horrible design, etc. What issues are people seeing ?

"It's just all CGI" Dude, I loved TRON. My money is already spent on on TRON 2. I loved the burly brawl. Transformers is printing cash by the truckloads. Wall-e. Nemo. The Incredibles. Cars. Robots. Toy Story. I don't care if it's all CGI. Why does the CGI bother people with this movie and not the others?

My first reaction to the images of the human base was a flashback to Zion in the Matrix series: large robotic battlesuits defending the base. My first reaction to Pandora was how it looked like it embodied the art for the Naya shard in Magic: The Gathering's Alara expansion: deep forest, massive monsters, and the catlike leonin/nacatal warriors. The Matrix and MtG: yeah, I'm sold.

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