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Comment none, but... (Score 1) 111

I can't juggle, but I taught my brother how to. I learned from a book (Juggling for the Complete Klutz, which I highly recommend, btw), but didn't have the patience to actually develop the muscle memory. Meanwhile, my brother was wanting to learn, so I taught him!

Comment Wasted Talent (Score 1) 321

Wasted Talent is about an girl getting through engineering school and then in the real world. It's great art and really funny! My personal favorite is hugo-nominated Schlock Mercenary, which I consider the best overall. It's been around a while, and is always funny, and always updates (no missed comics in over 12 years, even when his datacenter exploded). For best artwork, and a great story, I agree with many other posters in saying that multiple-Hugo-winning Girl Genius wins hands down. I do love xkcd, and most of the other ones mentioned. I should also mention Foxtrot, which is not strictly a webcomic (it's also in newspaper syndication). I also read Sluggy Freelance, another really long-running webcomic. Lastly, I like Free Fall, a little less well-known comic about a genetically modified wolf who gets a job as an engineer for a petty crook, and tries to stop the robot apocalypse.

Comment Re:So copyright is not just who can copy? (Score 1) 338

Where do you think all those period cars come from in old films?

If they are truly old films, the cars were contemporary. If they are modern films set in old times, the cars can be CG pretty easily. Even if using practical effects, it's not hard to find an old junker that won't run and put paint on the cleanest side so that side can face the camera as background scenery.

Comment Re:interesting (Score 1) 71

Not a lot of offerings in Linux game engines so far, so this would be a nice addition. Afaik, the only real options are various derivative of older open-sourced Id Software engines, and Ogre3d. Plus Unity recently added the ability to export builds to Linux, but not to develop on Linux.

I suppose Cube counts.

Comment Re:How is this different? (Score 1) 530

> Rather, the study determined three factors — reasoning, short-term memory and verbal ability — that combined to create human intelligence or “cognitive profile.”

And IQ tests test 2 of those factors... reasoning (through math), and verbal (through written). They've just discovered that "memory" is important to "cognitive ability."

Saying that IQ is a myth is hyperbole. They've identified that it exists and that it has 3 (instead of 2) components.

When I took an IQ test, there was a memory component.

Comment ESD / PulseAudio / etc. (Score 4, Interesting) 124

When Enlightenment came out, it also included ESD, the Enlightened Sound Daemon. Window events could cause sounds, which was nice, but ESD was also a sound multiplexing and remote sound protocol that was way ahead of its time. Now, there are PulseAudio, Jack, Yiff, Phonon, etc. and many people say the whole thing's a big mess. What's your opinion on the current state of sound / mixing on Linux desktops.

Comment PA - basic touch screen (Score 1) 821

I live in rural PA. I voted about 15 minutes before the polls closed, at 7:45 pm. There was no line, I did have to show ID, because I was a first time voter, and the ballot was on a pretty standard touch screen with smart card. The only unusal thing I noticed was a slight UI delay flipping "pages" of the ballot.

Comment Re:Tomorrow night? (Score 1) 409

Following constitutional law can be such a pain. But whatever individuals can do, groups should be able to do as well. Else their rights are being violated. That's the core of the Citizens United ruling.

I've read some fiction where corporations have exactly the same rights as citizens (i.e. right to vote, etc.) and if you joined a corporation or nation, you had to revoke your citizenship in any previous entity.

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