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Comment IT'S A PERSON (Score 1) 191

"Microsoft Bob" are the tendencies of a person or people, not an artifact alone! It isn't corporate personhood either -- something SCOTUS and bigwig entrepreneurial types haven't sufficiently addressed as of right now. Figure it out yet, fat figurers? And Microsh*t it remains with regard to: .Xls files plus screwing SQL, Cisco routing and, I.E. version whatever they got out now . . .

Comment Re: This is new? (Score 0, Offtopic) 631

It isn't.

Multicore has been with us for over a decade now. It is practical and conducive to build open cores from class declaration up so methods, file types and handlers exist between architectures and at same time there's decoupling of needed resources as processes.

To point the way to what exists now there's Yellow Dog Linux for both Macintosh and Apple's PPC platform:

The older version works on MacOS 8/9. The new one works on Mac OS X.

Linmac or lintel would be most nice for us micro-engineers. The smaller businesses we want to associate with could branch away from both static software design and largescale deployment tied to that very design, focusing more on customizing digital end-pieces to attach to current semiconductor inputs if the correlated software to do that in places (like EAGLE for Ubuntu) is manufactured and delivered in an open core form of engagement.

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