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Comment Re:well... (Score 2) 397

The first thing I think of here is encode all the porn as ascii art, or as colored text where the letters are so small they are no longer visually register.

I could put an LED billboard up in times square where every pixel was shaped into a letter, spelling out Moby Dick or some such, and if the billboard displayed Moby's Dick instead then one could argue that I am using words to convey information, therefor it is protected speech. :3

This is all rather farcical obviously, but it illustrates how a message cannot so cleanly categorized as "words" or not. "fire" in a crowded movie theater, and all that.

Comment Re:well... (Score 1) 397

I get the feeling the law is not codified this way, but I prefer to look at the matter as the *content* of speech should be protected, but that the *implementation* of speech should be something we can legislate against in order to protect the rights of others so long as alternate methods exist to convey the content.

Comment Re:economics lecture [Re:Good idea] (Score 1) 439

> As a general rule, economic systems run more efficiently when people pay for the resources that they use, and run inefficiently when other people pay for resources that somebody else uses. Just a general rule to keep in mind. Hmm. Does it run efficiently when the significant segment of the population (children, elderly, ill, disabled, mentally unbalanced) that cannot earn *any* revenue to pay for their own weight are left to slowly starve? õ_O I know you're saying it's just a general rule, it's hard to balance systems on rules that require as many presumptions as this one to find balance, and slide out of balance as soon as those presumptions fail.

Comment Re:Disappointing for a new connector (Score 2) 392

With its limited pin count, it's not a surprise that the Lightning connector does not have the bandwidth to transfer uncompressed video.

I totally disagree. Coax and Ethernet get you plenty of bandwidth on fewer pins. When Apple announced this thing, I was delighted that they must have some kind of brilliant plan for using these very few pins in a flexible, high quality, eventually low-cost manner. If their plan for flexibility was just "send a system image over USB, then connect via USB to that thing once it boots" then I am surprised and disappointed.

Costs may come down as we approach computing ubiquity, but this puts a ceiling on quality and that seems like a poor plan. We might want our iPads to drive 4K displays. Probably not next year, but in 8 years, sure.

I'm sure there are real, physical limitations that I don't understand that make this required, but I'm still disappointed.

Comment Re:Fixed Volume Erroneous Argument (Score 1) 143

You've claimed that any investment in a fixed supply of something is a pyramid scheme. We mention Gold and Land (which also fit these criteria) and you hand wave about whether you're trying to use something as a currency or not.

Virtually all commodity investments have static supply in the short term. Bitcoin is a digital commodity. In fact it's the first digital commodity to be both counterfeit-proof and non-centralized, and those four properties (digital + commodity + counterfeit-proof + decentralized) drive 90% of it's value as a transaction and value store system. Can you name any alternatives which satisfy all four of those criteria?

What I ask from you is to disambiguate how it is that you view Bitcoin as a scam compared to any other fixed-supply commodity investment.

Comment Log confirms one of the NYT complaints (Score 1) 841

Although this evidence does seem to show that the NYT reporter is a liar, one of the most alarming issues was the overnight loss of charge. Broder claimed that his car went from 90 miles range to 25 miles range overnight for no reason.

When I parked the car, its computer said I had 90 miles of range, twice the 46 miles back to Milford. It was a different story at 8:30 the next morning. The thermometer read 10 degrees and the display showed 25 miles of remaining range — the electrical equivalent of someone having siphoned off more than two-thirds of the fuel that was in the tank when I parked.

You can see what looks like exactly this issue in the charts between Milford and Norwich.

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