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Comment I was taught (Score 1) 632

-How to make it say hello in Basic once, or use a goto command to make it repeat forever.
-How to hit ctrl+c to make it stop
-How to use basic commands like catalog ("cat", eventually this because "dir"), list, run, save, and print.
-The difference between a KoalaPad and a mouse.
-And eventually how to play Zork and Oregon Trail.

Comment Re:This happened a long time ago (Score 1) 218

Yep -- had a 'born again' high-school classmate who posted that on facebook, saying something to the effect of "If this isn't proof, I don't know what is."

I try to stay out of religious conversations on FB, but I did feel the need to post "1. That's Photoshopped. 2. It's not showing what you think it is showing. 3. you may want to research the inspiration for that photo, though I take no responsibility for what you find."

Comment Not tablet users, no. (Score 1) 297

They should have released office applications for iOS at 2x the price of their iWork equivalents. Then they should have moved all that into the metro style, and released basically the same metro designs for Windows 8.

That might have cost them more than it produced in revenue, but now the result is that millions of people have been delightedly using their iPads for a couple years, and they're doing ok without MS Office. Even enterprise users. And MS still doesn't have an announced plan to bring Office to Metro (Windows 8 Style, whatever).

Including Office in Windows 8 RT might attract a lot of people to the platform. But it might also be the only way they can get Office deployed on a lot of tablets. Like, great, but also technically shovelware. I'd love to say that Microsoft has their work cut out for them, but that implies that they are working on the right things now. Dunno. I hope it works.

Comment Re:I don't give a Zuck! (Score 1) 290

Uh... You aren't contradicting his valid point. He didn't say HTML5 was failed. He said it was a mistake to do HTML5 to the exclusion of other client platforms. How can you disagree with that? He's running a giant software company - they can support a few platforms. They will have different merits.

I wish HTML5 fans hadn't convinced the world it was the 2nd coming of Christ. My favorite web apps worked great with HTML4. Now every web page tries to run enough JavaScript to lift itself into orbit.

Comment Advertisers agree to honor DNT (Score 1, Interesting) 383

Advertisers agree to honor DNT only from browsers that display the setting behind a door labelled "beware leopard".

It's bullshit anyway - any standard based on advertisers behaving ethically is a nonstarter. Apple's default no-third-party cookies seems worthwhile, if circumventable. Why not do more of that? If there are Moz people working on the DNT standard, I feel like they are being suckered.

If it's google's display advertising business you're concerned with, I don't really understand your concerns. If it's any of the many less scrupulous parties that you are concerned with, they're just going to ignore DNT.

Comment Re:At the end of the day (Score 0) 387

Really? Give me some examples of "legitimate innovation", please. Because I'm really curious as to what you consider innovation? iOS isn't innovative? Pinch-to-zoom, bounce-at-scroll-end, inertial flick scrolling, no keyboard, no-scroll-wheel-no-nav-keys, simple app install-deinstall, tap-and-hold to rearrange, that all existed together in one integrated package? Real innovation only seems "obvious" in hindsight. The best proof is the huge slew of criticisms which came out about the iPhone when it first came out. All the moaning about the shit it was missing or didn't do but absolutely needed.

Before the iPhone, the BlackberryOS was considered the nadir of handheld computing. And Android back then looked a heck of a lot like a Blackberry OS. Now that paradigm considered a backwater. The move to mouse+gui wasn't that natural an extension from keyboard+tty, it was innovation. The move from the Blackberry+Palm+WinCE paradigm to iOS wasn't a "natural extension". It only seems natural in hindsight.

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