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Comment Re:I don't get tablets (Score 2) 243

I think the PC is superior for consuming content as well, except for books. But I think the Kindle crushes tablets for book reading unless color is needed. I read comics on my pc (Fedora here).

My girls have 5 inch tablets and use them a lot for personal entertainment - games, music - but when they want to chat or do email they get on one of the family computers. They have read books on them while we waited to replace broken Kindles. My son is saving for a Nexus 7. His trouble is restraining from spending money long enough to save up for it. He always wants more legos and still hasn't learned how to be more patient.

A lot of people I work with have tablets now. I've seen guys give presentations with their laptop running the presentation and their notes on a tablet. So I guess that's another use case I can see. Airplanes and presentation notes. Other than that I haven't seen good use cases for them yet. But then again, I'm obviously not the typical electronics user. My phone is good (Galaxy S3) as a gap filler for what I do. I guess that's the other part I didn't mention.

Comment I don't get tablets (Score 2) 243

I can't deny their popularity but I really don't understand it.

I've got a Nexus 7 sitting a few inches away. I play my tower defence game on it occasionally but it's not really any better than playing it on my phone. I don't read books on it - it's so much heavier and tougher on the eyes than my kindle. The one hope I had was comics - but I'm still working on that. The one that I've downloaded from Amazon is impossible to read in the kindle app. (When it 'zooms' panels it's not nearly enough to make the text legible.)

If I am going to be going on a long trip I can see where it would be handy there. It will be better for watching shows than my phone, a little more convenient than my laptop. Though the lack of storage space limits how much media I'll be able to put on it.

The reason I have it is for testing some software we'll be using down the road. People will basically 'sign up' for stuff in person, using the tablet to enter their data rather than filling out cards. When we've used cards - it's labor intensive and their are lots of errors getting the information entered into other systems.

But around the house, on the couch, in the kitchen - I just grab a laptop. Easier to hold, easier to surf, all that stuff.

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Journal Journal: Kellemes karácsonyi ünnepeket és boldog új évet

Today is the day most Hungarian families have their big family celebration of Christmas. So we are heading out to go ice skating as there should be no crowds. Tomorrow is our big day.

I hope that you and yours have a great holiday.

Comment Re:Xmas, Kwanzaa and Shabe Yalda (Score 1) 2

It is. going to the Christmas market downtown today. Always puts me in the capitalist Christmas spirit.

It's funny - every time I ask my friends who grew up around here Hungary or one of the other Soviet block countries - "How did you celebrate Christmas growing up?" They all answer the same way - "We didn't."


Journal Journal: Java Swing fonts - 64 bit Fedora 16 2

They suck.

Same software that looks atrocious on my 64 bit Fedora 16 box looks fine on my 32 bit Fedora 17 box. Is it Fedora? Will an upgrade help me? I hope so because I'll be moving from 16 to 18 next month. If it's not - if this is a 64 bit java issue I'm gonna feel unhappy. Because I'm not ripping out that processor and rolling back. And the 32 bit Fedora machine is over 6 years old. It's the last 32 bit machine pc I own.


Journal Journal: My Python Regex Editor 2

So I made a lot of progress this week. I'm pretty happy with it. (The progress. Proggy itself has a long way to go.)

I ran into a weird thing today that I'm sure is related to the Python system path but I for the life of me can't figure out how I ought to do this. When I get further down the road and closer to thinking about packaging then I'll figure it out.

Comment Re:Spanish (Score 1) 514

Well - let's face it. The majority of Americans are pretty clueless about much outside the U.S.

I lived in Florida for 5 years and had a lot of Brazilian friends so I don't think of all of the Americas as Spanish speaking - just most of it outside of US/Canada.

German is very useful all over Europe. I'd say from Central Europe and East it's a good back up after English. In my time living and traveling in Europe I have not seen French used much at all. Though I've mostly been in those Central Europe/Eastern Europe countries. Where I live in Hungary the signs around the villages and towns often have the name in Hungarian and German. My wife knows German and it has gotten us out of a pickle more than once when our Hungarian failed us. This was also true in Slovenia as well as Croatia. And after having worked on Hungarian for the last 18 months or so - German looks like a walk in the park. So it's all relative.

I would like to pick up Russian at some point - it's also widely useful though one has to take care. Some places it's loved, others not so much.

Comment Re:Spanish (Score 1) 514

"Perhaps if you include Central America" - did I not? I included part of North America too.

A quick google gives me a rough estimate of population from Mexico down at 554,879,538 which means the population of Brazil is about 36% of that area.

But that's really secondary. In my mind kids ought to be learning 2 languages besides their native language. In America I think for the reasons I listed the first of those two ought to be Spanish. The third is, I think, less crucial though if it were my kids I'd lean towards German. But that's a European bias of mine.

But really if you don't have a chance to use it regularly it doesn't matter because proficiency wont come and vocabulary wont stick. This is what gives Spanish the greatest potential for most US residents.


Journal Journal: I have stuff to tell you - Python Regex Editor, Nexus 7 1

I've had time to work on my port of Kodos. It's fun as I'm achieving my two primary goals. I'm learning more about Python and about Regular Expressions. More specifically I'm learning about the python re module. At some point, once I have enough of the old program working - I'll need to try and get some people to try it out because I don't know enough about regular expressions to test it all that well. Unfortunately it will probably have lots of bugs. (And I haven't even started dealing with

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