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Comment How times change (Score 2) 471

I remember when XP came out everyone was complaining about its online activation requirement. They said they would stay with Windows 2000, which didn't have that requirement. Nowadays, barring Windows 7, it's everyone's favorite OS. Funny how things change.

Comment Please... (Score 0) 195

Investing in any company has risk. Cities should obviously weigh the pros and cons of where to invest their moneys and such but to single out an entire industry because one company failed smacks of fear-mongering. You wouldn't have seen such alarmist claptrap if a city had invested in General Motors as "it is a bad idea for the government to invest in an American Car Company".

Comment A different idea... (Score 2) 152

Direct democracy has it's drawbacks as people here have already stated (California). But what if we went back to the original representation ratio of people in congress as prescribed in the Constitution to "The Number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty Thousand", that would require something like 10,000 representatives. That would be enough people to keep most individuals out of the limelight, so maybe they would actually try to do work rather than pander to their constituents.

Submission + - Comcast Regulator joins Comcast (

nebaz writes: Once again the revolving door between government and lobbyists is made apparent as one of the regulators that approved the NBC-Comcast merger now works for Comcast. Funny how that works.

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