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Comment Re:Could someone kindly explain (Score 1) 1505

The Congress is divided into two chambers: The House of Representatives and the Senate. Both houses have to approve a bill for it to become law. The President then must sign it. If he does not (veto) the law does not pass, but Congress can override the President with a 2/3 vote on any given law. Laws must also be consistent with the constitution, however. If Congress made a law that said "the rights of free speech are hereby abolished", or "The Official Religion of the United States is now Catholicism", these go explicitly against items in the U.S. constitution. The judicial branch has (some would say has taken) the power to declare a law unconstitutional if it goes against the Constitution. The way it is now, the Supreme Court is the ultimate arbiter in these cases. Changing results from the court would either require a constitutional amendment, or a re-ruling by the Supreme Court, presumably with different members, years later. Nothing in the constitution explicitly gives the courts this law overturning power, but it has generally been upheld and was common practice in law at the time. The degree to which judges can modify laws based on unconstitutionality is subject to much debate at the present time.

Comment Re:I've become somewhat wary of streaming... (Score 1) 212

I do use the dvd service, quite often. The problem I have is that Netflix does not seem to be restocking their less popular DVD's, and since DVD's wear out after being mailed around and seen by so many people, inevitably some items will be unavailable. (Disk 1 of a series was unavailable but 2-6 were there. That's kind of tough to get around). I had just hoped streaming would not have that problem, since there is no disk to scratch, yet these items become unavailable because of contract stipulations, resulting in artificial scarcity. I just hope that since Netflix seems to be focusing more on streaming, that they don't ignore the DVD's that they already have and restock the "out of print" items more than they do.

Comment I've become somewhat wary of streaming... (Score 1) 212

Having never seen Lost, it was in my instant queue for a while, untill one day it just became "unavailable". According to Netflix's FAQ page, some titles may become available/unavailable based on deals provided by the content providers. Lost will be available again (I think tomorrow), possibly due to this deal. On the other hand, some DVD items that I have wanted to watch have also become unavailable, and will probably remain so for the near future. Specifically out-of-print anime items that I am looking for. It is too bad, because I don't think some of those items will ever be available on streaming. Netflix is transitioning more toward a streaming company, but I hope they don't neglect their dvd market as well. I don't like being subject to the whims of the content provider in terms of streaming availability.

Comment She may be unelectable... (Score 5, Informative) 1425

But there are those that are in power (already elected) who feel the same way. Rep. Pete King (R-N.Y.), the incoming chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee wants to classify wikileaks as a terrorist organization.. I believe that this would make contributing money a federal felony. In addition, the Interpol connection has been ratcheted up. Assange is now on the most wanted list.

It's not just Sarah Palin, there are those in power that are clearly using their power on this matter. Kind of scary, actually. (Though not surprising, considering what Assange is doing).

Comment Maybe in this economy... (Score 1) 422

People aren't as willing to buy and dispose of consoles, just to get the "latest and greatest". I think the success of the Wii has also shown that there is a market for just "fun" games, rather than just relying on graphical eye candy. In addition, with the Sony Move and Microsoft Kinect, in some ways these consoles are new enough.

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