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Comment Re:News for nerds, stuff that matters (Score 1) 344

You just put yourself at risk for losing your house over a few percentage points. You may have great resources but you just never know what may happen that may prevent you from paying in the future. I mean, look around - people who were making good money a few years back are losing their homes left and right.

Personally, I think you should have bought the house outright, then taken the projected cost of the mortgage and deposit it into a range of mutual funds. That way, you would have eliminated the risk. And hell - with a paid for home - you won't feel pressured to stay in a job that sucks (if it ever goes south).

Comment Re:That bank would be bankrupt fastly (Score 1) 344

Meh ... I had my debit card stolen from me in CA and before I could put a lock on it, over five hundred dollars were stolen from my checking account. So, my bank and I filed a police report, cancelled the card, and the funds were reimbursed to me. And I've never been skimmed. Ever. And yes, you can dispute debit charges well. Really, the only difference between credit and debit cards is frequent flyer miles and owing someone money at the end the month. Personally, I don't like to be in anyone's pocket so I stick with debit although some car rental companies may make a hassle.

Comment Re:MS Office (Score 1) 1880

Libre office works fine. I use it as my primary office suite at a workplace that uses Microsoft Office for everything. When I do run into an edge case with a docx file - I just ask my coworker to resave it as a doc file and send back over to me. Works great.

Comment Re:Memory footprint should be first priority (Score 1) 109

I don't know. It's a mess on OSX. The process peaks around a gig on my machine before it pukes all over itself and crashes. This with maybe four or five extensions with about six or seven tabs open. I restart the damn thing at least once a day.

Sometime back, some slashdotter informed me that I was spreading pure FUD and then a week later, the firefox team announced that version 7 would address the memory problems (which it hasn't on my machine). Although Installing flashblock did improve the browser's responsiveness.

Honestly, I could care less at this point. I'm just waiting for Chrome's web developer tools to get as good as Firebug and then firefox will be relegated to a pure testing browser. And personally, I think Mozilla has grown too big and lost sight of its priorities.

Comment Re:I wonder who commissioned this study (Score 1) 357

I'm guessing it is a result of the large adoption of Android. I'm guessing for every high grade device, there are probably three or four crappy ones out there. Probably more are hitting the market every day. It's definitely not a reflection of the quality of the os but rather the quality of manufacturers trying to vomit out anything android branded for a quick buck.

Comment Re:Thank god (Score 4, Informative) 1452

Dude ... the contemporary news media is entirely shameful. They will do this to any story that gets eyeballs. They will wring it for every last drop of blood, then jump on it to see if it produces any more and even when it's clearly dead, they will continue to twist and shimmy the fucker until there's nothing left.

Do yourself and cut the cable. There's plenty of other ways to get your news. Or at the very least, keep it off for awhile. After awhile, you'll be surprised to find out that you won't miss it.

Comment Re:Horrible (Score 1) 951

Granted I haven't used Windows in the past three years, but I always hated the mish mash of user interfaces. Never mind all the hidden secrets (press alt to see the menu, disable personalized menus to see the actual options, wave a dead chicken over the keyboard to get to the command prompt). I had often wished they would just pick one and be consistent across the board.

Comment Re:You're wrong about addons (Score 5, Informative) 334

All you have to do is open the xpi in e.g. 7zip or winrar, open the install.rdf in a text editor, search for maxVersion, and change it to match your version. Change it to something big, like 10, and you'll be in the clear for a long time.

Holy shit ... I can't believe I just read that. That's not a solution. That's not even close to one. It may work for you and other developers, but for the average user, you might as well have them download another browser.

What someone needs to do is actually fix the add-on code in firefox itself so that users don't have to jump through hoops for every release. This new release schedule is forcing people to avoid upgrading which is the last thing you want.

Comment Stop with the FUD (Score 4, Funny) 348

Jeez ... I'm tired of reading comments from people who have no clue how the system actually works. If you did, you'd realize how AT&T actually loses money per text.

Here's the breakdown ...

You send a text message which transmits the data in digital format (ones and zeros, to the layman). The message is received in a central building where the message is repeated by flashing lightbulbs. One pulse for zero. Two pulses for one. Workers transcribe the texts then pass them off to their editorial department who double checks the transcription. Then it's passed to another department (whom I'm not at liberty say who or what it does*cough*NSA*cough) before it is passed to the encoding department where workers hand encode the messages into paper rolls that are fed into the central dispatch unit to where it is communicated to your phone.

And you complain that it costs twenty bucks a month? .

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