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Comment If it is like MacOSX I could go for it (Score 0) 346

Macosx has its applets but on a desktop. The taskbar and start is there with applets running on a real desktop. Unplug keyboard and start stretches into full screen for tablets. DONE

I want aero back is my last complaint but that is soooo skeumorphism sigh. I think win 8 is anti skeumorphism taken to extremes.

Comment Re:So this means... (Score 1) 214

$5 seems a lot. I pay Amazon £7.28/month for DVD rentals. This gives me 3 disks at home at a time and unlimited rentals. I can usually return them at the weekend and midweek if I'm feeling lazy and watching a lot, or just once a week if I'm a bit more busy. Going with the second, that's 12 films a month for £7.28, or 60p (a bit under $1) per movie. TV shows typically come 2-4 episodes on a disk, so divide by 2 or 4 for episodes.

I'd happily pay £10-15 per month for a service that had the same range as a DVD rental service, provided DRM-free streams in a standard format, and had a reasonable download cap (maybe 30 hours per month for £10, 60 for £15, something on that order).

I don't want to pay for a movie, I want to pay for access to a large library of movies that I can watch however I want, on any device I want.

Comment Re:Cashless can't happen, here is why ... (Score 1) 753

I want to give the pizza guy a $2 tip. Do I really want to get his email address, register online, have him register online, get his mobile phone number and all of that.

Well, in the UK, tipping the pizza guy is pretty rare - you're paying for the service already (and delivery drivers are covered by the same minimum wage laws so they get a salary that you can live on). Credit card terminals in restaurants typically provide a tip field so that you can add a tip on at the end.

How is your suggestion even in the same universe as "more convenient than cash"?

Most of the people I'd want to send cash to are people I know and are already in my phone's contact list. If you live in a culture that is fundamentally opposed to paying people a reasonable wage or stating up-front how much things cost, then the solution would be to have a QR code on the box with a note saying 'Did you get good service? Send a tip here' and the details required to receive the payment. Rather than having to find the $2, you'd just wave the card in front of your phone, select the amount, and hit send. The driver wouldn't need to carry cash.

Comment Re:Cashless can't happen, here is why ... (Score 1) 753

In the UK, Barclays has offered a system called PingIt for a while that lets you send money to anyone with an email address. There's now a system called PayM that most of the banks have opted into that lets you send money to someone using their mobile phone number. The receiver just needs to register their mobile number and account. I'm not convinced by the security yet, but it's more convenient than cash for paying people.

Submission + - First build of Windows 9 shows start menu return but with Modern tiles (

Billly Gates writes: A leaked alpha of Windows 9 has been brewing on the internet. Today a screenshot shows what MS showed us at BUILD which includes a start menu with additional tiny tiles for things like people, calendar, pc settings, and news etc. What the screenshot does show is it is much bigger than Windows7 taking 1/3 of the screen similar to the Start Screen which will show more apps (frequently used desktop apps) in addition to other features. Is this a shift for MS to fix Windows 8? Or do some of us who are really still used to XP and Windows 7 won't allow anything modern in it? Also what is unknown is the return of AERO, and how will Cortana fit voice control fit in?

Comment Re:Does anyone oppose this? (Score 1) 155

It's also a market distortion if one locale doesn't regulate pollution and allows businesses to dump waste in communal resources (e.g. rivers), making them externalities. A tariff on imports of such goods can be a way of redressing that balance - manufacturers have to pay the costs irrespective of where they produce the goods if they want to sell them in a particular country.

Comment Re:france is such a pathetic country (Score 1) 309

Many French People in rural France loathe the Parisiennes. When a car with a Paris Department number plate comes to my Village the locals suddenly become sullen and un-coopoerative towards the visitors. When the car leaves, life returns to normal. Even to a 'Les Rostbiff' like me they are far friendlier that they are to anyone from Paris.

The same is true in reverse too. I picked up quite a thick rural Normandy accent[1] when I speak French and discovered that everyone in Paris is a lot more polite to me if I speak French with an English accent...

[1] Cultural equivalents: For brits, think Devonshire farmer, for americans think deep south.

Comment Re:2-year CFLs (Score 1) 278

I took some with me when I moved about 10 years ago. I didn't the last couple of times I moved, because they're so cheap that it's not worth the effort to move them. I have had one fail in under 4 years, but most of the ones I installed when I moved into my last-but-one house were still working fine when I moved out 7 years later.

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