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Comment Re:PM? Which country (Score 1) 201

Slashdot is not edited, it is user submitted snippets of info with links back to the source, more about the discussion of the subject than journalistic skills

Last time I had a story accepted, it was edited. By which I mean they deleted random bits and introduced a typo. If they're going to modify things, they could at least improve them...

Comment Better That Than Tits (Score 5, Informative) 277

Does Facebook still ban breastfeeding pictures? Just wondering.....


FB page Bitchin' Parents is the latest to be targeted by FB censors for sharing their members breastfeeding images. As a result they have been asking members to share their BF images here instead. Incredibly sad this is still an issue on FB.

Comment Re:Hi neighbour! (Score 1) 201

OK, I'll make allowances for poor English. Their web site is actually pretty cool. Still remind me a bit too much of guys who like blowing stuff up for fun, and I'm not entirely convinced by "We have no administration or technical boards to approve our work, so we move very fast from idea to construction. Everything we build is tested until we believe it will do. Then we (attempt to) fly it!"

Comment Hi neighbour! (Score 4, Insightful) 201

OK, let me get this right. Buddy wants to work with high explosives in his garage, and can't understand why the people in his neighbourhood might think that "red tape" like zoning, safety, and fire regulations might be a good thing?

I grew up on Robert Heinlein and stuff like "Have Spacesuit, Will Travel," and really, really love projects like Spaceship One, but this guy frightens me.

Comment Re:they missed a big one... (Score 1) 443

Which makes the 'I don't own a car, you insensitive clod' option an obvious omission. The poll poster must have been American (and presumably not live in New York, San Francisco, or one of several other big cities) to believe owning a car is unavoidable. I've never felt the need to do so, and here there is so much of the city that you aren't allowed to drive in (unless you're driving a bus or a taxi) that a car is slower than cycling in almost all cases and slower than walking in some. There are busses or taxis if I'm too lazy to cycle. Why would I want all of the expenses involved in owning a car?

Comment Re:Not all is inadvertent (Score 2) 83

I don't shoot anymore (it's fun for a while, but it gets boring after a bit), but I never had problems getting access to shotguns or target rifles (including some fully and semi automatic) as a teenager in the UK. Handguns became illegal around this time, although there were some exemptions, such as for black-powder revolvers that kept most hobbyists happy (they take ages to reload, but you get half a dozen shots before you need to, which lets you put some holes in a target) and many of the rest moved to air pistols or carbines.

Comment Re:Office 365 (Score 1) 337

Collaborative editing is often easier. This isn't necessarily a property intrinsic to online office systems, but offline ones are typically intended for offline editing. Even with a decent revision control system (is there one that can merge OO.o or MS Office docs? No idea), you periodically get sets of changes from other people and have to merge them. If you've got something that allows live editing by multiple people, you can see what other people are doing at the same time as you and avoid conflicts.

There's no reason that an office application couldn't support this, it just seems to be a feature they haven't implemented. You'd probably want a single server for your organisation that would track all of the changes (allowing every desktop to accept connections for peer to peer editing would give network security people nightmares, especially considering the security record of MS Office), and it would be great if the server could push change sets out to some revision control system so that they could be synchronised with other documents (maybe push live editing into a branch and then have a merge step as part of hitting save).

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