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Comment Re:the upgrade myth (Score 1) 413

I got a Voodoo2 when they were new and very expensive (after much pleading and agreeing for it to be counted as a combined Christmas and birthday present). It lasted 3-4 years, until I replaced it with a low-end GeForce 2MX (which was much cheaper). At the time, I was playing a lot of FPS games and so on. Many of my friends had cheaper cards than the Voodoo2. You could always get better graphics by spending more, but most games were quite playable with cheaper cards. Games like Quake 1 and 2 and Half Life even had software renderers that worked fine, albeit at a lower resolution.

Comment Re:What cool stuff do you do with 15Mbps ? (Score 1) 290

The BBC's HD (720p) streams are 3.6Mb/s, so your link would be too slow. You really need at least 5Mb/s if you're not going to have streaming interrupted when another machine on the network starts doing something. I have 30Mb/s that drops to a quarter that speed if I go over some complicated limits, which I've hit once in the last year that I've noticed. Possibly more, but 7.5Mb/s is typically fast enough so I may have gone over without noticing. It used to be 10Mb/s, and I did notice when I went over that cap because HD iPlayer streams stopped working.

Comment Re:so pony up, Microsoft want agile extreme only (Score 1) 413

I do give MS kudos for releasing a new OS every year. They do not want another XP where the longer corps, developers, and users use something the more resistant to change they become and harder it is to leave.

Windows 8.1 is a smaller release for sure but you can't criticize them for waiting on their ass. DirectX and WDDM have minor updates and some api changes do mean QA is required from ISV and OEMs to test their shit.

But sadly it looks to be Windows 9 to see if MS truly makes it usable. I think tablets are "a" future rather than "Thee" future and perhaps MS went a little overboard?

Comment Re:so pony up, Microsoft want agile extreme only (Score 0) 413

There are a very vocal minority of XP loyalists I see who want to install it on new machines. I am sure your shop see these or people come in and buy them and then try to install XP on them at home and get pissed when they can't find drivers.

Some people can't handle a UI change and look at any OS after XP as a change for the sake of change.

But the future is these other oses and I think Windows 8 could have been successful if metro was made as a desktop background with full a full start menu and the ability stack applets just like regular apps in the taskbar if Balmer wanted familiar with Windows Phone. But who am I kidding when 40% of users think Windows 7 aero is too radical from the ugly blue and green UI of XP and can't handle any deviation whatsoever?!

Comment Re:Here we go... (Score 2) 918

Can't happen because as long as we support Israel and refuse to live under Sharia we'll be "The Great Satan" and your "help" will be rewarded with jihad. Like it or not the countries of the ME have been stuck in a time warp since their "great prophet" showed up and while the other religions of the world have, for the most part at least, grown the fuck up and become more civilized with Islam they still party like its 1499 and refuse to change.

When you couple that to the almost constant propaganda against Jews that frankly would make Hitler go "Dude that is a little extreme" you can give the fuck up on the idea that ANY intervention won't result in more jihad against us. Look at Iraq, we are still digging up killing fields from Saddam, the guy was a real monster that even slaughtered family members when they didn't do to suit him, yet what do we see? the ONE time that Shia and Sunni are in agreement is when it comes to killing American soldiers.

The war between Sunni and Shia has been going on for over 400 years now, its the height of arrogance to think we can walk into the middle of a holy war, kill a bad guy like Assad and then say "love me!" and have them do anything but call a truce long enough to attack you.

Not all arabs are monsters just like not all Americans are servants of the Christian coalition and Southern Baptist, yet these folks make up the bulk of one our parties. Same is true with muslims. I met an Arab muslim during an exchange training workshop for a few weeks. He was cultural a muslim but was more similiar to that of someone who goes to church occasionally but is not all anti abortion, Obama is a communist, world is less than 6,000 year old types. There are shades is what I am trying to say.

In Egypt a good 40% protesting agaisn't the Muslim Brotherhood. But conservatives just like here are very vocal over there too. Many arabs want to modernize believe it or not and it is not fair to brand them as such as they would find such a post as yours offensive.

Remember in 1500 if you said anything about against the pope you would be dead within 48 hours so we once lived like that too.

Back on topic
In Iraq we invaded their country! Plundered their natural resources. Re-ignited hatred between conservatives of 2 different versions of Muslims that lived in peace for centuries and even used to be friends and invited each other to their weddings and so on. Killed more people than Saddam either directly with strikes or through igniting Shia and Sunni insurgents.

Saddam was evil but he would not deliberating murder just Shias and do the tribalism game, though he did favor his tribe a little more.

Syria they are already doing this. The revolution started there as a way for Syrians to want freedom. THey petitioned peacefully and Assad was begining to open up already with some local elections. Christians were given a promise of peace. Sunni's were considered as much citizens as Alowites Shia as long as they didn't propagate rebellion against Assad.

I am not for invading per say. I am trying to get slashdotters to think rather than bow to the popular opinion of what 90% of people think? This is a nerd website after all and both opinions should be discussed.

There reason for not being pacifist is
1. The extremists have hijacked the rebels and most are not even Syrian but foreigners and Al Quada members looking for another Afghanistan
2. Humantarian

I think we wont be seen as invaders except to the Alowites as the Syrians are begging for help and it already is turning into a holy war as Assad is taking advantage of this by just targetting the liberal militias and leaving hte extremist ones so he can have a told you so moment and feed his propaganda as proof that only extremist oppose him.

But there is a risk it will get ugly. I do not want to support a radical sunni extreme new government but that could happen anyway at this rate if we do nothing. IF anything think other Arab countries should be involved, but what about Shia led Iraq and Iran? They certainly wont like that!

Comment Re:Here we go... (Score 1) 918

Al Jazeera did an article on this.

Over 1000 civilians were killed or injured in that attack. Only a warhead could deliver that much of a blow which is something the rebels do not have. This was not a truck bomb.

I am still conflicted, but I wanted to give slashdotters the other side of the story here since I predicated that 90% would be railing agaisn't intervention with politically with little information like how all the rebels are 100% terrorists and the will of the people is Sharia law etc. That is not true and the rebels are being hijacked which is another problem slashdotters are ignoring too.

It is a mess and I wonder if getting involved would be bad? I thought my answer would be a 100% yes, but part of me says no could also be a wrong answer.

What if our worst fears happen and another Afghanistan arises and all Alowites, Christians, Druze, in the millions are genocide and a scary unstable power of hijacked Al Quada government comes in and destabilizes other countries? The majority of Syrians do not want this but this minority did effectively hijack Egypt's freedom revolution.

Comment Re:Tell me again (Score 1) 918

This is about a conflict about those who want freedoms and a democracy. Not another dictatorship with a ruler on their version of Islam. ... with crazies from other countries fighting along side those who want freedom and are defending themselves. This was not started as a conflict to establish another dictator to eliminate and genocide different groups of people.

One of the arguments for involvement means a control on the rebels to make sure the crazies do not be the answer of the opposition. Whether that is a good idea or will work vs the cost of not doing anything and let it turn into that is worth debating? Assad is not stupid and is only targetting liberal elements of the free Syrian Army to make a battle of extremist vs extremist. If he losses he can have a told you so and it feeds propaganda to himself otherwise.

Comment Re:We would have Office and .NET on Linux (Score 1) 355

In an ideal world I think Linux might have won the desktop if MS was split by now? Who knows.

But if we had Visual Studio and Office for Linux things would be radically different. With MFC and .NET winforms and COM all these proprietary Windows apps could be recompiled to run on MacOSX and Linux easily. Many win32 apps we all depend on would be on other platforms as a result too even if you are not a developer writing your own stuff.

I am not a big fan of Java and it would be nice to use .NET and ASP.net on Apache too and have an answer from the hackish PHP. Windows Server would not be as popular understandably.

It is possible without infighting within MS that Metro could have come out for the Windows phone as early as 2007 and could have been neck and neck with Google and Android.

But this universe never happened so who knows. At this point who cares. The desktop is dying anyway and it would be futile as any changes would take many years for these to be decoupled from each other and by then the tablets will ahve keyboards and monitor hookups complete with a functional office replacement and the need for visual studio will not matter as all the cool apss will be made in goo, java, and objective C. c# wont matter unless Windows Phone has a radical upswing!

Comment Re:Big Ideas (Score 1) 355

the ipod had a black and white green screen that resembled the early 1980s before the iPhone.

The iphone was fucking gorgeous and was many years ahead of its time and nothing matched it back in 2007. I remember someone showing me theres back then and I was used to low grade screens and resolutions and seeing it flip screen, the high DPI, the apps, the HTML 5 (still used to IE 6 at work and Firefox 1.5), it didn't need a keypad WOW.

But sadly I see phones like desktops as maturing products where each release offers less and less from the initial shock of innovation. Which is why XP is so damned popular by loyalists today. As nice as Windows 7 is it is tiny compared to the upgrade from Windows 98 to XP, which that was a big upgrade from Windows 98 to Windows 3.1, which in return was even more radical than the switch from DOS a generation before.

Things do not move as fast once something matures and phones are minor upgrades now compared to the first radical ones of the Iphone and Android eras.

Comment Re:Big Ideas (Score 2) 355

I can't see any successful big ideas which have come out of Google in the last 5 years. The last good big idea was probably Android in 2007 and even that emerged partly from an acquisition. Apple's last good big idea was again in 2007.


Google Docs, Chromecast, Chrome, Voice navigation in Android, Map integration in Android, Social apis, Chrome frame, Google glass, Chrome OS.

Comment Re:Yes and No (Score 1) 355

The problem Microsoft has is divisions sabotaging each other and their products. Google the LCD font for XP tablet edition?

The VP of office didn't like the Tablet so he made them look ugly on purpose to show the Windows team a thing or two! ... what how did the IPAD happen?! Idiots!

Bill Gates is known to trash anyone with an opinion and to set groups and people against' themselves in a way to win over and make them strong in his mind. This shows poor management and MS actively participating in the Roman divide and conquer strategy. Apple was ripe for the taking indeed.

They think like a monopoly and have no idea there decisions are going to challenged by competitors. Competitors will come who are agile and polished as their products are not sabotaged.

In many ways if the DOJ won and split MS up the were already functioning like 3 different companies anyway.

Comment Re:Amusing (Score 1) 355

One of the most successful companies of all time, which is still doing billions in business, and everyone can't wait to tell them how they are fucking it up...

Why don't all these brilliant analysts go make billions if they are so smart?

... with a smaller and smaller slices of the pie which is only being inflated due to the rise of China and India whom previously couldn't afford computers. If you purchased $1000 worth of stock in 2000 it would only be worth like $750 today!

Apple and Google are making new products and these so called billions in business are not about to be hit.

Read all the XP loyalist comments here? Their 10 year old systems work fine. Why change? Or if their Pentium IVs with 512 megs of ram die, they buy an IPAD to replace it. Yeah yeah at work you need a PC argument ... but how often does work change anything today in 2013? Compared to 2003 it is fucking glacial now.

The same arguments were made for IBM mainframes. Remember those? Real work is for the mainframe not these piddily minis that only small business uses or PCs that consumers use.

Once Windows falls away Office will be next. Now where does that leave Microsoft? Oh they can just use a tie in game because ... oh wait most people do ot buy other MS products anymore and tie in makes them less likely to work with Apple's office suite and their IPADs. MS is done at this point and Balmer is at the helm.

MS needs an answer fast to Apple and Google.

Comment Re:Tell me again (Score 3, Interesting) 918

why we keep spending money interfering with civil wars 1/2 way around the world??

Watch this and tell me if you still think this?

What if we did not? Do you have any idea what Syria is doing? They are targeting just the civilian and liberal elements of the opposition and purposely ignoring the Islamic militants who are jihading and sadly they are winning.

This means by next year we have the Taliban vs the dictator left and is a lose lose situation at this point. So the argument is if we get involved and stop Asad from murdering his own people and influencing the opposition we can have a pro western and stable democracy similar to Libya now which is the most liberal country int he middle east.

The question is will this happen? Or will we be aiding Al Quada militants and forming more hatred and another 9-11 attack in which we seek to avoid? We thought we did a great thing for the Iraqis and Iranians too in the old days. Boy, did that backfire!

I do not know what at this point? That video link really has influenced me in wanting to do something though.

Comment Re:Here we go... (Score 2, Interesting) 918

we will be damned for isolationism and disregard for human suffering if we do not act

Yes, it is too bad we were ordained by God to police the world. It would be so much better if there was some sort of organization that could represent the collective will of the nations of the world in situations like this. Maybe we could set up something like that. New York City might be a good place.

Devil's advocate
What if the US just did nothing?

I previously opposed any intervention PERIOD! Reason, being who is the opposition? Each time we get involved to stop the spread of evil communism like in Iran or the Iraq the situation always becomes worse and we are the bad guys.

But anyone reading with any sense of humanity has to have some sort of emotional response to this?

Obama's argument is yes we do not know who the opposition will be (there are 2 parties in involved) and who will be there. However, if we don't get involved Al Quada will make up the opposition and form another Afghanistan. The Syrian government is only targeting liberal activitists and citizens defending themselves and ignoring the Islamic militants from foreign countries fighting in Jihad on purpose.

If this war continues there will be too sides. One is Al Quada. The other is this monster who is Shia who gasses his own people! Worse, this violence is spreading in Iraq and Lebanon and is involving Iran and Saudi Arabia.

This could very easily turn into another World War I based on Shia and Sunni lines.

If we do get involved and play our cards right we stop Al Quada, and help the liberal and citizen oriented people wanting freedom, stop the killing dictator, and hopefully Lebanon and Iraq stabilize and we stop Hezbollah who is not fighting onside and we stop the 7 million refugees who left who are draining neighboring countries.

The question is what will happen if we do and will it make the situation worse and actually start another WW1 with a Muslim holy war between the 2 sides? Or will it prevent it. Not to sound like an American Idiot here, but I was there right at the base of the WTC on that fatefully day 9-11. We can't have any nation as a safe haven for such groups.

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