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Comment Re:Blame the IT guy (Score 1) 140

I had an uncle that tried to do that. Turned out that his physics degree was so esoteric that he had trouble finding a job.

He ended up being a produce clerk.

Well worse case scenario he can apply to be a science teacher. Not a glamour job but almost anything fucking pays better and would give benefits than being a produce clerk.

Same states even have programs for non teaching majors to enter the field. Yes you have rotten kids but at least you do not have to pay for healthcare and cost actually teach science and have a somewhat middle class salary.

Comment Re:Blame the IT guy (Score 1) 140

This is why I didn't go into computer engineering as a young lad. I recognized that computers were tools, and the people trained to maintain and program them were going to end up as essentially service personnel. The high-level managers consider sysadmins to be one notch above a janitor. Shameful, but true. I realized this quite young.

Instead, I went into physics. I'm not appreciably higher in the corporate architecture, but what I do is so arcane nobody believes that I'm easily replaced. If sysadmins are treated like janitors, a scientist is treated like a skilled seamstress -- I'm still 'labor', but it costs so much to find someone who can do my job they're willing to cut me a little slack.

Until your boss realizes he can get scientists in China and India with no plumbing who would happily work for peanuts.

Unless a job needs to be done physically here you will be viewed as a cost. I notice a rise in people becoming teachers recently. It is because those jobs are not considered valuable where as before the great recession no one would dare think this unless they had a passion for it or were moms and wanted the same days off as their kids. But it is a job that needs to be here and can't be outsourced.

Comment Re:Blame the IT guy (Score 1) 140

I suggest you read the article. It talks about a specific subset of trades that were affected due to a problem resulting from an upgrade. It further discusses the impact in a company which prides itself on risk management.

That would seem to imply that it is thought possible an IT upgrade was performed without adequate backout provisions or due diligence.

I have read other comments from HFT programmers on slashdot and their bosses do not care about risk management. They want rewrites by the hour 100% bugfree 100% of the time so they can earn their money and beat the other HFT systems FIRST.

Perhaps one can comment, but I distrust officials from Wall Street claiming this as their actions dictate otherwise with unreasonable demands as their only performance metric is how much growth per hour.

Comment Re:administrative leave? (Score 4, Insightful) 140

Do these guys have contracts or something? Most of us are at-will hires. We don't get administrative leave, we get fired. Could also be that they have specialized knowledge and they are going to give them cash when they leave in exchange for transferring knowledge. The only time I have heard of 'administrative leave' is with government/union people. With at-will employment, you can be fired just because management feels like it.

As much as we love to bash big banking for looking at anyone not a pyschopath trader as a cost center, they need top talent.

Basically other slashdotters who work on these systems are on demands to change whole algorithms of the system within the hour by the traders whim with no QA, GET IT OUT FAST, but whoa if has a bug! You can't negotiate with these kinds of people who in their opinion generate real money and view themselves as supperior.

But they are not stupid and realize such great demands require a 6 figure salary, plus a bonus, plus being selective on a contract that the programmer will find more favorable. If they all said $12/hr take it or leave it and fire at will they will get crappy talent that could sink them fast. So the programmers here know the drill and the lack of job security so they negotiate it in a contract.

If you are in a job where your employer treats you like this then you are not valuable. Not to mean to insult as we all started out this way until we had to prove ourselves and or get a skill that made us more rare. Go find another employer who values your skills more if you have the experience by now or go do something about your skillset? Capitalism 101, both buyers and sellers will always take advantage of a weakness. If there are 10 folks begigng your job then your employer can do whatever the fuck he wants. If there are 10 jobs and you are the only one qualified, then you exploit the employers by walking if they do not offer you 6 figure salary, bonuses, own office etc.

Comment Re:Tokens. (Score 5, Informative) 140

Look the CEO's and senior traders who play games of golf and have 2 hour elaborate lunches at the best NYC restaurants create all this value through their handwork.

They do not need to be distracted by the mundane details of actually trading and need to just think of ideas all day instead. Distractions need to be minimized as do work. ... now these IT guys who program the computers that earn them the flash trading? They are greedy COST CENTERS. They have no value! Lazy! Can be replaced by H1B1 visas faster than you can say campaign contribution. Fire them as they do not create value at all.

By playing golf and thinking mysterious powers are telepathically entered into the HFT systems and money is just generated out of thin air. I think these guys need a big bonus for being so smart for this? Don't you?

Comment Re:BAHAHA!!! (Score 1) 169

Well, leaving aside the fact that neither of them will compile because of lack of whitespace. Editors, you might want to think about when use of the <pre> tag is appropriate.

I still wish the parrot project took off and combined with Perl. Just imagine the poor joy using Lambda's combined with Perl and white spaces? Sounds like a pure paradise.

Comment Re:Well that's that (Score 1) 329

no.. it's that there's a chance you won't buy, rent, or subscribe to any media through their store or one operated by one of their partners.. it's all about the money.. google's money, they don't give a shit about piracy, exactly.. they don't want you playing local content at all, legit or not, when there's perfectly good pay-for media available through the device for which google gets their cut.

NFL CEO: "... phone rings

Schmidt: Hello

NFL CEO: Hey Schmidt, what is this crap I hear that your device is an illegal circumvention device designed to steal money from me, but obeying my wishes to rip off consumers!

Schmidt: Google Cast is just a simple device to enable streaming. It is not different than someone using a webcam and uploading their own videos to where ever he or she wants.

NFL CEO: What?! This could pirated content and would mean I can't fucking scalp my users at the stadiums! My shareholders will have a fucking fit. Fix it now!

Schmidt: No

NFL CEO: SCHMIDT!!! You know it would be a shame if somehow we used DRM flags in our content to make your device useless. Under the DMCA your device must obey our shareholder wishes. I have friends in CNN, NBC, Universal, and others who would happily make your device useless. I guess we can work with Apple and Microsoft instead. They too understand the meaning of protected intellectual property.

Schmidt: Oh yes oh great masters. We would never want to make the great cartel of the MPAA and NFL unhappy. We want to build a successful relationship

NFL CEO: Grins. Ok very good then. Do what you need to do then to make it happen. FYI how would you like some private rooms at the SuperBowl next year for your family for being so nice to us?

Google is not the evil one here but, but the broadcasters. Remember the NFL with every media mongul on the planet wrote the DMCA and just had the senators approve it and rubber stamp it!

If Google will not play nice and suck it then they will use the DMCA and DRM to ban the device and will sue and arrest any Google developer who wont obey them. This my friends is why we opposed the DMCA back in 2000. If you didn't write your senators back then tough shit you deserved this law for not standing up to yourself.

Until Google is powerful enough to make its own content the content owners have IP laws, DMCA, and use monopoly powers over companies like Google. A ruined relationship with them is death. Microsoft would happily comply if Google wont and then people will bitch and whine how the Chromecast wont stream their favorite football games.

Comment Re:Too little too late (Score 1) 496

Me included.

My computer's ATi 5750 which is not too old doesn't work properly with DirectX 11.1 and crashes and ATI wont make drivers for it anymore as they only care about hardware less than 2 years old now to save money!

Second, I am working on a project at home where I need virtual machines with hostnames so I can type in the name of the servers in an url in all 3 browsers. I can't do this in Windows 8 as it will ignore my custom HOSTS file.

I wont hardcode IP addresses before I release it onto the net for obvious dumb reasons. This hurts it being adopted by web developers.

I did upgrade my computer to an ATi 7850 last month so the driver issue should be fixed, but my computer was designed and QAd with Windows 7. What else will it break? Also, with updates happening every year how do I know Windows 8.3 in 2015 wont break my computer again if I upgraded to Windows 8?

Windows 8!= Windows 7 driver compatible but pretty close. Unlike Windows 7 which could run on a Vista system it is not apples to apples with changes in the kernel. Yes I agree with Roc it is butt ugly too! Maybe I hate change which I criticize XP users over, but even with a new start menu the control panels and many apps are now applets designed for Metro. It is a hack rather than a tool with Windows 8.1 as more desktop settings are METRO only.

I will only upgrade when this machine dies. It works so why change? Windows 7 is a good release and I would rather stick with the devil I know where its weaknesses is then risk change for new issues like metro and driver incompatibilities.

Comment Re:Too little too late (Score 1, Interesting) 496

Yeah. I think people resort to typing program names as it's so clunky to find the programs using mouse in the Start Screen.

Give it a shot? I can open 5 applications or files before you can open one with a mouse. Type Windows Key and the name of something in a file you had open? Intellsense will autocomplete and it is open very fast. It is amazingly efficient and not clunky.

The mouse too me is too clunky too practical for real business use and its a real productivity killer. Especially for people like Admin assistants who get strange requests for pictures of that party back in 2011 and what was the last name with that guy we had a sales meeting last year etc? Instant search indexes tags from subjects and metadata in each file like emails, pictures, file names, etc.

  After a week getting used to this it will feel natural. You can even open tasks and subjects of email in Outlook with this feature like my example with the admin assistant.

This was what Longhorn was supposed to be with WinFS and instant search is the only remaining legacy of that left in Windows 7 today. Windows 8 might not implement in a friendly way, but it is nice and to me an essential feature.

Comment Re:Too little too late (Score 1) 496

Windows 7 is a decent OS and in my opinion the best OS MS has ever produced.

It does lack some gui enchancements that MacOSX has and its security improvements like kernel level sandboxing where any app including Firefox and Chrome can use make it nice plus it has ASLR (Linux still does not have this), DEP for all services, and other enchancements make it MUCH more secure than XP.

Instant search, areo peak, and aero snap are nice too. I like it, but that is just me.

Comment Re:Too little too late (Score 1) 496

No, no and no.

To all the Microsoft Shills who insist on listing 100 different windows key combinations to replicate what was available from the old start menu, or if you are going to advise me to start typing in program names to launch programs on my mouse operated graphical user interface:


Have you even tried it?

Mouse really does suck. Ask any Unix geek here on slashdot?

FYI I hate Metro and I am on Windows 7 right now. When I first got Vista I hated it until my professor told me that I had instant search with the Windows key and that with the ribbons in Office it made keyboard shortcuts even nicer.I gave it just 1 week and from there decided I would either put XP back on my laptop or stick with the slow Vista.

I had 100+ files from work and all my classes. Many for my finance class had a word document and excel spreadsheets. Now I could use both and keeping my word document open with instant search!

I can't use XP anymore or Linux with Beagle. It is just so intollerable and do not give me the mouse is what it is designed for. Do you use Google? Same concept.

I hit Windows Key mar (for Marsh Project)and boom 4 excel files popped up with inventory forcecasting and basic data. I hit tab and enter DONE.

Go try it right now? If you use MacOSX or Linux open your VM with Windows 7 and hit the Windows key and type something from 2 years ago? Type WOR and enter and you are in word. After 1 week of this you will swear when you go to an XP box as it will seem quite dated.

If you have lots of files this is a life saver rather than fucking around My Documents in a million different folders and opening and closing files to find that rare gem. I rarely even use the startmenu anymore on Windows as I am so reliant on this feature. Metro may suck for the desktop, but that doesn't mean instant search for Vista/Windows 7 does as it was the number #1 reason to upgrade from XP besides security improvements.

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