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Comment Re:If it works, why worry. (Score 1) 251

Your whole post just gave a great technical reasons.

The answer is when your hard disk dies you get a WIndows 7 cdrom and install it. I use Windows 7 everyday and do not see these hundreds of problems and BSOD on an hourly basis. If it were that much of a piece of crap businesses would still be using XP. Remember MS tried to EOL in 2008, 2011, and now 2014. However now they are finally upgrading since Vista is done and WIndows 7 SP 1 has been released.

XP has thousands of bugs too and is not perfect. I hate supporting XP at work. Can't run a system file check is really annoying. The cdroms are not teh same version as our image so half the files are not even checked and can take an hour where you have to keep clicking ignore when it pops up freaking out saying it can't find this .dll becuase of the 1 out of 900 updates since 2001 alterted the .dll.

I will even say it is one of hte most bug free OSes out there. I switched from Linux too it for that reason

Comment Re:Meh. (Score 1, Troll) 251

If you're buying the latest and greatest gaming cards, you're probably going to want DirectX 10 or 11, good multicore support, and an OS that can handle more than 3-ish GB of RAM.

XP supports older games like unreal tournament 1. Even now new games still have some XP support because gamers still use it for compatibility reasons or they hate change and assume XP is supperior to longhorn.

After slashdoters wrote posts like WIndows 7 == Vista SP 2 they had an effect. Many assume WIndows 7 must suck too because that lie was repeated so many times everywhere by XP loyalists. Many are hesitant to change thinking it is just as slow and bloated and that somehow XP will run faster 100% of the time (not understanding algorithm changes and extra optimizations from the compiler added to the kernel for newer cpus).

But this is bad as AMD based boards come with ethernet, wifi, and other devices that wont work with XP at all.

Submission + - Best Search Engine? (Or, Is Google in Decline?)

rueger writes: Reading about the end of AltaVista, I was more interested in the number of comments suggesting that Google just isn't delivering the way it used to. My own experience suggests that it's increasingly less likely that a Google search will generate a page of results that's immediately useful. At least if "useful" excludes ask.com, bad computer "experts", and shopping sites. So, hard core search engine users: what's out there that matches the Google of five years ago, or which could be the next big thing?

Submission + - AMD/ATI drops WindowsXP support (amd.com) 1

Billly Gates writes: The latest beta drivers for the Catalyst drivers control suite only list Vista as the lowest version they will support. We still have almost a year before WindowsXP support finally ends. Will NVidia follow?

So if you own a AMD system you will not receive audio, chipset, video, or any other drivers for your XP system and must upgrade or use an outdated legacy version. Looks like another death knell for this very long lasting platform.

Comment Re:Windows XP and integrated graphics (Score 1) 403

That is rapidly changing.

THe ones in development have dropped 9 support. It seems 2011 was when the cut off started as Star Wars the Old Republic was the last game still made from that era that still supported XP. I think the new expansion with Rise of the Hutt Carterl is directx 11 only and has newer graphics options.

Comment Re:Non-COTS video games (Score 1) 224

Pretty much all of it. I don't know what a good business model for a FOSS game would be. Probably the same one that the TV studios use: provide a partial implementation (a pilot) for free and charge people for you to finish it. Once you've got enough funding, finish the game and release it. TV studios use channels as middle men in this situation, but there's no reason that it wouldn't work without the middle men.

Comment Re:This is what happens (Score 1) 224

The vast majority of software companies sell Free Software. Free Software just means that the person receiving the code has a set of rights to use, modify, and redistribute it, which is the case for most bespoke software, which is what most software companies (and, indeed, most software developers) sell.

It is difficult trying to combine selling commodity off the shelf (COTS) software with Free Software, but fortunately for 'FOSS Shills' COTS software has never been more than about 10% of the total software market.

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