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Comment Re:Non-COTS video games (Score 1) 224

Pretty much all of it. I don't know what a good business model for a FOSS game would be. Probably the same one that the TV studios use: provide a partial implementation (a pilot) for free and charge people for you to finish it. Once you've got enough funding, finish the game and release it. TV studios use channels as middle men in this situation, but there's no reason that it wouldn't work without the middle men.

Comment Re:This is what happens (Score 1) 224

The vast majority of software companies sell Free Software. Free Software just means that the person receiving the code has a set of rights to use, modify, and redistribute it, which is the case for most bespoke software, which is what most software companies (and, indeed, most software developers) sell.

It is difficult trying to combine selling commodity off the shelf (COTS) software with Free Software, but fortunately for 'FOSS Shills' COTS software has never been more than about 10% of the total software market.

Comment Re:First world problems (Score 1) 224

Forking does that, because the GPL doesn't require that you contribute your changes back only forwards: you must give the code to the people you give binaries to, nothing more. It's easy to fork a project, make some structural changes, and then release your version that has all of the code that isn't necessary for your use removed and other things that are annoying for anyone who doesn't have access to the rest of your system added. The code is still available, but the cost of merging changes back upstream is often greater than the cost of rewriting them from scratch.

This is fine according to RMS, because the GPL is not meant to protect the authors of the original code, it's meant to protect the users who receive products based on it.

Comment Re:Get over it. (Score 1) 119

I know you hate IE as I hated it so much that I used ftp to download firefox back in the day as not to corrupt my cpu with such filth!

but IE 9 and IE 10 have supperior smooth scroll and hardware acceleration. My Galaxy 4 is smooth and Chrome and FF can't match it due to the inferior XP support!

IE is smooth when I hit up and down on the arrow keys thanks to using directx11.

No I am not a MS fanboy but just stating the obvious. I welcome Chrome and FF leaving XP behind and using directX11 for win64 to catch up. IE really is ahead for multimedia heavy sites.

Comment Re:the return of the Start button (Score 1) 505

METRO (for me as opinions are subjective) issues are because you can't use the Windows 7 style features of managing more than one file and app multitasking together are due to the fact you can't have:
1. More than one applet on the screen
2. No taskbar for multiple apps
3. a Cell phone UI and desktop trying to co-exist
4. inferior instant search. Windows 8 apologist laugh at Windows 7 users saying they can now search for files by hitting the Windows Key!! Well duh. I have been doing that since Windows Vista folks. Trust me you used 7 like XP beforehand is the problem :-)
5. Crappy browser.

Windows 8.1 addresses more than one Window open Yeah
Windows 8.1 addresses the crappy browser issue. IE 11 tells Apache to send Firefox (gecko) versions of docs as webmasters who hate IE assume everyone must use IE 6 still! So they feed broken HTML to modern versions of IE UGH. Idiots some of us are at work and do not have a choice, yet have left IE 6 in 2011. Even IE 8 is old now.

Windows 8.1 tries to bridge the gap between desktop and metro furhter. -EG. When you click the start button the same background pops up.

So, Windows 8.1 is an improvement.

My take is for me to leave WIndows 7 I must have better instant search and have the task bar and AERO enabled for me to stack apps. Yes, I will upgrade afterwards if this is met. I know cutting edge 32-bit graphics are out of style according to the fanbois at and how EGA 4 color is the new in that is modern now, but if Windows 9 fixes this I will switch.

Folks Windows Mobile wont take over at 4% marketshare. We need a non webit browser for the phone and is worth the switch to me. I will not stikc with old because I hate change, rather the old is mature and works compared to the new.

Metro can work if more apps worked and if we had a gui with a taskbar for Mobile apps with Aero (yes good graphics are not obsolete while EGA 1989 graphics are in) it can be used with desktop and a mouse.

Comment Re:Windows XP still 20%...and again unsupported (Score 1) 119

Oh cry me a river.

I work for a dirt cheap client. Even we have been moving off XP for a year now. That number is rapidly declining and non biased sites like g.statcounter show XP equal to MacOSX in the US. Only china uses it as 97% is all pirated and Windows 7 is harder to steal it. By 2014 it will be single digit marketshare in the western world.

Comment Re:Html5 Test is webkit, not W3C html 5 (Score 1) 119

With rapid releasing the new IE 6 is webkit. MS is being conservative as it does not want another box model scandal for 10 years as developers write 2 different standards. I know its cool to hate IE but it does have 90% of Firefoxes features and is updated annually now. W3C already changed standards which hurt older phones as they recognize webkit css for Android 2.3.

Submission + - Why is the IRS targeting free software? (

wiredog writes: From the IRS "be on the lookout" list that listed "Tea Party", among others, as suspicious entities:

Open Source Software
These organizations are requesting either 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) exemption in order to collaboratively develop new software. The members of these organizations are usually the for-profit business or for-profit support technicians of the software.

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