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Comment Re:Siri and translation (Score 1) 185

Not only does Siri not do translations, the command / control functions that she is supposed to do, are extremely limited. Siri, at least for me, fails to work most of the time even for the incredibly simple tasks that I have tried, such as calling contacts and playing certain songs.

For example, Siri can set the alarm for 6:00am, but if I want that alarm to be set for every weekday, that task is too complex for her.

Siri can play songs, provided that your song list is filled with popular songs in english by artists with English sounding names, but if you are using Siri in English and happen to have songs in German by German artist, then Siri is useless. Ditto for making calls to contacts whose names aren't common names for the language you are using Siri in.

Siri actually doesn't seem to be much better than IBMs voice recognition software that I used nearly 20 years ago.

I can't see why anyone is remotely impressed with Siri, it is just a useless waste of time as far as I can tell. Google translate, on the other hand seems really impressive with being able to recognize the speech and translate it to another language.

Comment Now let me forward to a SIP URI (Score 2) 110

Now if Google Voice would only let me forward my google voice number to a SIP URI, then I would be in great shape.

I have been doing this with Gizmo for some time and it worked great, now that its disapearing. I could forward GV to Gizmo and then send Gizmo to a SIP URI that terminated in my hosted Asterisk server and from there I could do basically whatever I wanted.

I would also like the ability to forward my Google Voice number to an international number, which Google Voice doesn't offer even as a paid service.

While I'm complaining, It would also be great if I could purchase GV credit and send outbound traffic from my Asterisk or Kamailio to GV via SIP.

Comment Re:Not bad (Score 1) 1118

I agree. With everything that has been published in the day about this, I haven't heard anyone talking about the RAM. It sounds like the iPad2 will have the same 256k, which just isn't enough.

I haven't seen a single article that even mentions the RAM in the iPad2.

Comment Hotel / Travel sites (Score 1) 345

Aside from the technical sites, the worst offenders in this area are the Hotel sites. The search results for anything related to Hotels or Travel are loaded with sites that simply try to hide the hotels actual sites from you. They use misleading URLs that try to trick you into believing you are visiting the Hotel's actual website, and the prices are always higher than they will be if you are able to actually find the Hotel's actual website. If this can help all of those sites die, all the better.

Comment Really Bad, but QWEST? (Score 1) 371

I've been in Telecoms for a long time, and I have a hard time believing that a Qwest installer really did that. Whoever did it should definitely not be doing installs. There must be more to this story than we are being told.

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