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Comment Re:Clearly what they need to do is just get ride T (Score 1) 70

True, But many companies who are registered in Portugal, will be using a .com instead of a .pt.

I suppose that situation exists everywhere. The .com seems to be preferred by certain companies all over the world.

On another note, if you wouldn't mind emailing me about some of those web shops in portugal, I would sure appreciate it. I have found it hard to locate shops in Portugal that will sell online.

Comment more to do with Telecom (Score 1) 206

I think that all of google's noisemaking in the utilities area has very little to do with power and power consumption, and everything to do with Telecommunications. There was an announcment recently that Google was entering the Electric Utility business. Everyone was saying that google would be an electricity provider before long, but this probably has more to do with accessing the utlitiy easments for fiber than anything else. Google has made it clear that they intend to be a serious player in Telecoms very soon. All the noise about utilities is probably really all about Telecoms.

Comment Re:Slow (Score 2, Interesting) 422

Man, I sure would like to know how you do that. I have an E65 and an HTC Dream. I would also like to find an easy way for my android phone to do that.

What I also need is to be able to extract a text file containing my contacts from thos backups.

And then I don't understand why there isn't an easy way to just import and export all of my contacts to a CSV file whenever I want. I use Sony Ericsson phones, Nokias and HTC, I am constantly needing to sync my contacts, but I have never found a quick and easy way to do that. It sure seems like something that everyone would need to do. Why isn't it an obvious option on every single phone?

Comment Re:Makes me wonder... (Score 1) 509

And if your friends bank is in California and you are in Texas, it is probably easier to send your money to India. Once in the US, I was unable to deposit money to a friend's BofA account in California from a BofA office in Texas, which seemed bizarre considering it is the same bank. They told me I would have to do a wire transfer.

Comment Re:Makes me wonder... (Score 1) 509

In Spain, you would simply log into your bank account online and send him the money electronically. If he uses your same bank, it costs nothing. If he uses a different bank then it costs anywhere from €1.5 to €3.5, which is still pretty cheap.

If your friend uses a bank in a different country, then you are back to the same problem. It is the same in the whole world. If you have to do an international wire transfer, it costs anywhere from US$25 to US$45.

Comment Is this really important to anyone? (Score 1) 350

I SO don't care about this. I think reporters are just trying to make a story out of this and there is really no story to tell. Is ANYONE out there really worried about what happens to these images? I know that I don't give a crap.

what I do care about is being able to just walk up to my gate. Why can't the TSA try to do something we do care about? Which is to walk up to the gate without taking off my shoes, belt, suit jacket, removing my laptop from the bag, etc. They can put scanners everywhere if they want to. Put images on the internet, post them on screens as entertainment at the airport just do something that will let me simply walk up to my gate without going through a bunch of pointless security procedures.

The TSA is more concerned about making themselves look relevant than they are about making travel safe and convenient. I am sure the technology exists that will allow us to walk right up to the gates and they can know whether someone poses a threat or not, and that it could be done with a lot less TSA agents than we have now. But we will never hear about that, because the TSA isn't in the business of making the TSA smaller.

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