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Comment Gee Thanks! (Score 1) 164

So, because I am an early adopter of Google Voice (take that you furners!), I have to pay $10 if I want to port my cell number that I've had for the last decade over to them. Then I have to go back and retrain all of the people that I have managed to convince to use my new number to go back to using my old number! WTF! Why is it the people who jump in early on something are always the ones who get the shaft later on?

Wait a minute... If I can officially port my number over, does that mean that Google is officially a telco?

Comment Re:The writer is clueless about end users (Score 1) 244

The author was an idiot. He says "...who are we to say that no novice has a legitimate need for root access, ever?".

If a novice has a legitimate need for root access, he won't know what the f*** he is doing and turn his phone into a brick, then whine to the carrier/manufacturer that it is all their fault. IT administrators don't usually lock users out of admin rights just to be a d***, they do it to protect the computer from the loose nuts at the keyboard! The cell phone manufacturers are doing the same thing. I love FLOSS, but not forcing a user to jump through a few hoops to gain root access to a consumer electronics system isn't being open with the consumer, it's committing financial suicide for your company.

Comment Re:IPhone. Blah Blah Blah (Score 1) 423

It's the Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field! The serious lack of Video Recording and Ringtones has been why I've avoided it and marveled at the people who hailed it as the greatest invention ever. I will admit that the interface was a serious advancement in UI development for small devices, and for that it should be commended, but as a phone, the original one really sucked!

Comment You're forgetting SBS (Score 1) 225

Of course the numbers are inflated by MS! A Sharepoint license comes automatically with SBS and Enterprise versions of 2003 and 2008. I have plenty of customers who are running SBS, and very few of them are actually utilizing the Sharepoint license that they have, nor are they utilizing the Exchange license that comes with it either. In MS's defense, Sharepoint is actually really cool for what it does, but it has a fairly limited target market.

Comment Fun to watch (Score 1) 293

This could just be a perfect storm. Vista has been a new version of ME, such that Microsoft is scrambling to get Windows 7 out into the wild and restore faith to the consumer, yet at the same time the economy is tanking, so no one can afford to upgrade, yet everyone wants all the cool tools. Looks like Microsoft's only hope is to ease up on piracy prosecutions until the economy gets better, otherwise, people may move to Linux just to get the cool features and not break the bank. Ha!! I can't wait to watch this one unfold over the next 6 months or so.

Comment Video Recording (Score 1) 606

No one seems to be talking about the 300lb gorilla in the room, but video recording is a DEAL BREAKER. I have continued to use my blackjack for the past few years and refused to upgrade simply because the iPhone doesn't do video recording without jailbreaking. I got really excited when the G1 came out and... damn, no video recording. WTF?!?!?! How can these guys make these phones that are so close to being great and leave off such an obvious feature. I will wait with baited breath to see if Apple finally wakes up on this one, and if not, I will soon be the proud owner of a Storm, since RIM is the only company that seems to get it when it comes to mobile devices.

Comment Re:Next stop: Red Light Camera Systems (Score 2, Interesting) 520

I was starting to wonder if anyone was smart enough to realize the correlation between this case and other criminal convictions based on electronically generated evidence. Red Light Camera Systems are a travesty and cause more problems than they fix, but they make a lot of money for the governments and are therefore used. I am excited by this ruling because it sets precedence that can be used to destroy these cameras and actually make the government start convicting people based on real offences and not made up ones!!!!!

Comment Re:Aircraft Plexi Repair to the rescue! (Score 1) 554

I agree with n76lima, I worked on F-16's in the Air Force and "acquired" a micro-mesh kit when I had a damaged CD that I thought was beyond salvation. We used it for scratches in the canopies, but I figured it should work for CDs too. I have found NOTHING that works near as well as it does. The "sandpaper" is super-fine grit and runs all the way down to talcum powder as a final abrasive. If you have some patience, move slow, and work it until it is smooth, you will never be able to tell that the CD was scratched unless you look at it. It will leave some swirls, but the CD player won't care about those. Also, as a previous poster said, if you can see pinholes of light through the aluminum coating on top, you're f**ked!

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