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Comment just plastic? (Score 1) 107

from the article: "But, a thought - how about we stop destroying hermit crab homes in the first place? Isn't putting too much plastic stuff in the ocean part of the problem? "

Is plastic (ABS) the only thing a Makerbot can work with?

Comment Re:Mostly true, but slightly spun summary. (Score 1) 482

On your point #1 (and I will verify tomorrow AM) - My 2011 Taurus will not drop the engine output when both the brakes and gas are pressed. I hit a curb when this happened (driving with over sized steel-toe shoes).
The 2010 Camry I had, after the reprogram/recall, would drop to nearly idle if you tried to 'power brake'.

Comment Re:Just to clarify.. (Score 1) 482

I've had two Camrys, a 2007 (1.4 liter, 5 speed auto) and a 2010 (2.5 liter, 6 speed auto). I put just over 100,000 on each.
And yes, I agree with the 'sudden' acceleration under cruise.
But it (the cruise) always let go, either right away when I hit the brakes or a bit delayed when I shut it off with the control stalk.
It seemed to occur if the car was down-shifting as it climbed a hill (under cruise) if the down-shift happened just as (thereabout) the car was cresting the hill.
I could circumvent it by manually shifting the transmission to the next lower gear prior to the engine computer doing the down-shift.

I got a new Taurus now.
I can't wait for this lease to expire, going right back to the Camry.

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