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Comment Re:Great idea (Score 1) 172

I don't get it. In my country, any store selling electronics is required by law to accept old electronics of the same type for recycling, free of charge, regardless of whether it was sold at that store or not. Isn't this a common practice?

It is common practice to recycle equipment free of charge. It's also common to include in the original sale a deposit which is returned to the customer when the equipment is brought back for recycling.

Apple's program pays (with store credit) people for recycling their used electronics. Whose country is better now?

Comment Re:Economies of scale (Score 1) 82

180 million units per year for Linux based Android platforms does funny things to pricepoints and toolchains.

For instance?

You can get a full-blown Linux that supports programming in C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Java, Ada, and Go through the GNU Compiler Collection - and drivers to support all of these for almost any imaginable peripheral in a generation one platform.

Only the Go front-end showed up after Android, and while I'm a fan of Go, it really isn't a significant language right now. Otherwise, we have spent the last several years (before Android) enjoying the rest of the features you mentioned.

And pricepoint? It was all free to begin with.

Comment Re:More expensive crap that will break (Score 1) 125

Personally I like a nice crisp day where the temp is -10F with little to no wind.

I respect your effort, but I'd like to point out that the Canadian to which you responded will object that -10F is not even close to crisp. The minimum conditions to satisfy "crisp" is -35F with 25 mph winds, and this is still considered brisk and invigorating.

Comment Re:OpenBSD Rock Solid OS without fluf. (Score 1) 112

You are comparing a complete distribution to a kernel? Try comparing it (and it's pathetic application and arch support) to a decent one running the linux kernel.

That's the problem: the Linux kernel is more capable (in terms of features, performance, and other areas I have not thought to list), but there is no decent Linux distribution. Userspace is what matters, and OpenBSD is simply the best Unix/Unix-like distribution out there. As a bonus, the kernel is good enough, clearly-written, and extremely well-documented.

Comment Re:How about with some flavor (Score 1) 840

Oh yeah, don't forget to throw it away if it comes in a can. Cans are for garbage.

No, cans are for recycling. The nearest glass recycling plant is well over a thousand miles away from me, so bottles go in the garbage. Cans also keep out light, which I understand can affect the flavor of the beer.

Cans are better for the beer and less wasteful. A few of the microbreweries in my city have started canning their most popular brews for these reasons.

Comment Re:In Perspective (Score 1) 73

At 3000 miles wide, this "storm" is about 40% the diameter of the Earth.

Typhoon Tip was 1380 miles in diameter, so 3000 miles isn't that impressive considering the difference in size between Earth and Saturn.

Comment Re:Me fail English? Thats unpossible! (Score 1) 223

It's more akin to a typo than ignorance.

This definitely depends. The other day I saw a truck with artwork on the rear windshield of its cab. It read "If You Ain't First Your Last", and true to the message, the driver took great pains to be the first to arrive at each red light. It's less likely to be a typo when you pay money to render six words and display them, essentially, on your person, and more likely to be due to either ignorance or a lack of pride. I see similar things all the time.

Comment Re:Yes, population control makes sense (Score 1) 403

In other words the problems in Africa have everything to do with too weak governments or with no government at all (think Somalia). A thug running a diamond business, monopolizing a country's institutions is not 'government', it's a thug running a diamond business who managed to kill or control all other thugs and thus managed to monopolize. Dictatorship is the ultimate end game of free-for-all archeo-capitalism: the big fish has eaten all the small fish.

In other words the problems in Africa have everything to do with the wrong kinds of governments or with several competing governments, all of them the wrong kinds (think Somalia). Dictatorships and warlords are governments. Though you may be very fond of certain governments, the word still applies to the ones which don't meet your personal moral standards of righteousness or legitimacy. It's a neutral term.
Also, cults are religions.

Comment Re:No, Poland (Score 1) 37

If I click "Random Article" a few times, it'll soon come up with a village in Poland - a lot more often than France.

That's because the "Random Article" link generates and tries random strings of characters until it creates one that matches an existing article. Polish villages are overrepresented because Poles use random strings of characters as place names.

Comment Re:Well then, who does create jobs? (Score 1) 730

They have the option to opt out of society, for example by moving to Somalia. What they can't do is reap the benefits of living in a modern, civilised, industrial society without paying for it, which seems to be what most Libertarians want to do, any more than I can enjoy the benefits of a new laptop without paying for it.

I'll help you with your laptop analogy.

Purchasing the laptop is mandatory, and you are required to purchase a specific model of laptop based on where you were born and where your parents were born. In Somalia you can choose from several manufacturers, but their products all suck. However, in Somalia you can choose not to buy a laptop at all but only if you start your own laptop manufacturer. Libertarians don't want a laptop at all.

But anyway, I would like to know why the libertarians, and not you, are expected to leave their homeland for Somalia? I personally think you both have as much right to be here.

Comment Re:I think it's kinda silly (Score 1) 1002

Could you write serious code without any reference material at all?

By "serious", do you mean the actual definition this time, or do you mean "only the kind of code that I write" again?

If your references were jammed onto your programming screen, how might that affect your productivity?

It would probably have a negative effect, but I use a serious window manager which does more than just jam things onto screens.

Comment Re:Forget cost, it's focus control (Score 1) 394

I think it depends on visual references within your field of view, rather than which direction you're looking. I live ~150 miles from a pretty tall mountain, and it's comparable to the moon based on the amount of sky it takes up. It doesn't look too impressive when seen unobstructed on the horizon, but if you see it behind trees or buildings, it looks huge.

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