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Comment Wow, how can you be so far off the mark? (Score 4, Informative) 177

Since the windows 7 announcement the following things happend in Qt land: The Qt SDK had mayor update, Qt Creator had a new release, Qt had some minor updates, the open governance program is in full swing, Qt 5 was announced with open planning, there is a Contributor Summit coming up to discuss all these changes with non-Nokia developers...

Yeap, Qt has all the hallmarks of a dead project!

Comment Re:example? (Score 1) 182

I can think of a couple like GStreamer and Telepathy, but in both cases the support isn't 100% yet. And both are really crossdesktop from the beginning (Telepathy is just a DBus spec after all)

Dunno about GStreamer, but Telepathy is a really broken spec that puts every pecularity of every protecol it ever thought about supporting into their apis. Considering that the only useable telepathy implementation is jabber at this time (in two different flavours) and hardly anything else works that project is a lot of hot air.

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