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Comment Re:really? (Score 1) 302

It's not the innocent places you go in your day to day travels. It is the places the over imaginative detective thinks you are going. You know how sometimes people think they see Jesus in a slice of toast? Well your travels taken in total may just look like crime to that faceless public servant.

Journal Journal: Apologies to Niemöller

First they came for the smokers, but I did not smoke. I did nothing. Then they came for the HFCS soda drinkers, but I was diabetic. I did nothing. Then they came for the diet soda drinkers, artificial sweeteners supposedly cause cancer, I did nothing. Then they came for the delicious but makes to too fat foods, I enjoyed salads, I did nothing. Then they came for the fish eaters, with stories of mercury,

Tonight's dinner: Bread and Water. (And they are looking at the bread suspiciously)

Comment Re:DSNChanger??? (Score 1) 264

Screensavers are run by the OS not by the user.

Dropbox client (and that ilk) are also a service that gets run by the OS. Put a new item in the control panel to setup what gets synced.

Your browser hides - it's documents are web-links.

Your email hides, its documents are emails. They just appear in the inbox folder, you can move them to other folders, to send an email - double click the "Untitled Email" document in the store.

Things like 7zip work on document by left clicking the document.

Printing can be done this way as well, it actually just opens the handling application but it also autoloads the document, triggers a standard print, then closes the document and quits the application

Comment Re:How? (Score 2) 549

Not the best product. The product most attractive to the largest population. That population consists of people who just want to surf, email, twitter and don't give a hoot what OS they are using. So the $50 locked down motherboard will win over the $100 Free one. It runs windows; check!

Comment Not Obama... (Score 1) 549

Not Obama, the unseen hand.

Some large percentage of people who buy computers don't care about or even don't want Linux. The few of us who might buy a motherboard that specifically lets us bypass secure boot, or has facilities for signing other OS's will vanish behind them. Computer makers really have little reason to cater to us. They will do whatever they must to create the most sale-able machine

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