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Comment Re:What I found w/ BandN (Score 1) 330

With the capability to add a MicroSD card (what I also liked), you'd think they'd have an audio jack for audio books. Nope. Load your own screen savers? Nope.

You can load your own screen savers on a Nook (on the e-ink ones, at least; I can't speak for the tablets). You just make a new directory in the folder that includes all the built-in screen savers, name the directory what you want your screen saver to be called, and load it with as many images as you like. The Nook will rotate through them.

Comment This is a sort-of strange analysis (Score 1) 330

TFA says "Management is clearly focused on salvaging Nook operations rather than trying to make a go of it with the stores" and "B&N's disastrous focus on making Nook e-Readers is weighing heavily on the chain's operations."

Did they not get the memo today that B&N is discontinuing its whole color tablet line and that future color devices will only be sold as co-branded products manufactured by other companies? You read that right, B&N is no longer going to manufacture any tablets. It's going to continue to produce e-ink devices, but that's it. That whole "cannibalizing itself with branded tablets" angle they're whinging about is a dead end, as of today.

Second, how is the fact that the Nook apps are cross-platform making B&N's stores irrelevant? If the Nook apps didn't exist, wouldn't it just be the Kindle apps that are making B&N stores irrelevant, and B&N would have no slice of the ebook pie whatsoever?

Also, let's maintain a little perspective here. B&N's total revenue from the Nook division in fiscal 2013 was $776 million. Its revenue from its retail division was $4.6 billion. Are we really expected to believe that B&N execs are actually ignoring the retail business in favor of Nook? That just sounds like some absurd, "activist investor" fantasy.

B&N is struggling, sure. But it faces fairly serious market challenges. It had no chance at competing with Amazon in the ebook market without making a serious investment in both hardware and software. Has it made some missteps? It seems so, but to say they'll be impossible to retreat from seems a little premature.

Comment Re: PHP 6.0 without the stupid? (Score 1) 219

A similar type of error results from C's syntax, which was unfortunately adopted in PHP - in allowing action inside a conditional "if ($foo = 1 + $bar)", the poor parser has no way to know if one really means 'compare' or 'assign'.

I don't understand. I'm not a parser, but to my eye that means "assign." If you wanted to compare, you would do "if ($foo == 1 + $bar)", no?

Comment Re:He didn't write an office suite in 30 days (Score 1) 266

And NO we cannot use 'The Web' as we are in a closed and restricted Missions Operation Center.

Strictly speaking, couldn't you use closed and restricted web servers to do what you need to do? And I mean, if you're actually considering implementing something using an alpha-quality Java module that was slapped together in a few days, why wouldn't you consider installing a SharePoint server and getting the full functionality of the Office Web Apps on your local network? If all your users needed to do was read documentation, they could get 100 percent fidelity that way.

Comment Re:He built an Alpha in 30 days (Score 1) 266

Because the rest of us don't get mentioned on or Slashdot for working 30 days to create incomplete alpha software to solve a problem that has been solved by multiple free (speech and/or beer) and commercial software packages that actually are complete and work well.

But you'd like to get yourself mentioned on or Slashdot? So ... you're vain and jealous?

Comment Re:How does he mean it with the license? (Score 1) 266

The GPL is designed for the freedom of the user (or customer), not the intellectual property protection of the programmer or as socialistic "software mus be open for everybody".

How do you figure that one? The GPL grants users a limited license to the programmer's copyrighted works. That most definitely is a form of intellectual property protection. As for the socialistic part, that's a rather loaded term; still, it seems like you haven't read much from Stallman or the FSF.

Comment Re:antibiotics are bad (Score 1) 223

Well, that definition would also apply to your classical 'antibiotic'. It appears from the Wikipedia site that Triclosan is not a generic antimicrobial in that it won't affect viruses, protozoa or Scientologists.

Fair enough. To prove your theory, I propose we infect you with pneumonia and then have you swallow a quart of antibiotic soap. You'll be cured, right? Or, the reason you won't be cured is because too many people have been washing their hands with triclosan soap? Is that right? I propose this ludicrous test because you seem willing to move the goalposts at whim. You call it a biocide, I call it a an antimicrobial -- what's your point?

Furthermore, though you quoted a paragraph from some paper, I don't believe you understand a word of it. Prove me wrong. Why don't you assume we all have a tenth grade education and explain it to us? You're the expert.

Comment Re:Or (Score 1) 273

It would probably be good to get it bundled with your zoster shot

Maybe, but that's not how it comes. It comes (optionally) with your tetanus booster. As a poster above mentioned, it's called a Tdap (so if you see that term, it's "tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis"). It's not two separate shots, it's one shot.

This isn't something that I should worry about. My doctor should take care of it for me. I don't have time to read a stack of literature on every disease I might get.

You've been told you need a tetanus booster every ten years since you were a child. Next time you go in for one, your doctor is likely to recommend a pertussis booster at the same time -- if he doesn't just give you it without telling you.

Comment Re:antibiotics are bad (Score 3, Informative) 223

Actually, on a more serious note, TFA is not talking about antibiotics. The word used is antibacterial, which refers to things that can kill bacteria while not being harmful to humans. For more clarity, a better term would be antimicrobial soaps, because they can also work on a variety of other microbes. But there is no real relationship between these agents and the kinds of antibiotics that come in pills.

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