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Comment Re:UEFI (Score 1) 566

The developer didn't have time to implement UEFI support, so he's killed the project instead.

But what sense would that make? Why not just say, "Somebody else will have to implement UEFI support, because I'm Audi 5000" and abandon the project where it sits?

Comment Re:Never used this keystroke (Score 1) 521

I read an article that Microsoft got rid of the start->shutdown button to turn off your computer. This freaked people out, even though for 15 years you've been able to just hit the power button and it would turn off properly.

Yeah, but isn't it idiotic that to stop everything and shut down your computer, you clicked on "Start"?

Comment Re:Never used this keystroke (Score 1) 521

why cant I have a single option, "Expert mode" that disabled ALL the freaking help shit and un-hides all functions?

That might be nice, but it's not hard to disable all of that stuff from the options. I use Word all day, every single day, and I don't ever have to wrestle with it. It does auto-correct some of my typos, too, for which I'm thankful.

Comment Re: Episode II (Score 1) 457

Wowwww.... of all the trash people have to talk about Phantom Menace, I actually thought it was OK at the time. Maybe I was rationalizing. But Attack of the Clones was truly terrrrrrible, like really, really "I want my money and my time back" bad.

Comment Re:Get off my effin lawn! (Score 1) 457

The Empire Strikes Back is the better movie for plenty of reasons (and the best of the franchise) but Star Wars, just Star Wars, is my favorite.

I disagree. Empire is superior in various aspects (SFX wise, acting wise, mood wise) but I don't think they add up to make a better movie. I think people like it because of all the cool stuff in it (AT-ATs, Yoda, Boba Fett) but if you think about it, it kinda starts in the middle of nowhere, ends in the middle of nowhere, and the heroes lose. It's just nowhere near as satisfying as the original, if you ask me.

Oh, and if you're an old crank like me, was your reaction to the big "revelation" about Darth Vader like mine -- you assumed he was lying? Seriously, it probably wasn't until I actually saw Jedi that people could convince me it wasn't some kind of con designed by Vader to place doubt in Luke's mind. Even as a little kid, it came from so far left field that it seemed a little silly. Why all the business about Luke's father being "the best star pilot in the galaxy" if from Empire onward he never pilots a single thing?

Comment Re:Bank them (Score 1) 333

I humbly submit that, being in the healthcare field, you are seeing a higher concentration of misery than exists in the population-at-large.

How so? Unless you get shot or hit by a train, every single person who lives a normal lifespan and dies in America ends up in the hands of the healthcare industry. So in a sense, his sample of the "population at large" approaches 100%.

Comment Re:Should void warranty (Score 1) 208

If you jailbreak your car, however, and inadvertently change something that impairs reliability, you're compromising the safety of everybody else on the road. Everything (including braking) in Tesla cars is tied into the software, and this is not something you should mess around with.

Do you give this same speech to all the BMW owners who buy custom performance mod chips?

Comment Re: Ridiculous. (Score 1) 914

This to me really shows that people just are not rational enough to avoid crime no matter how harsh the punishment we mete out.

Either that, or it demonstrates that all those scary "death penalty for drugs" signs at train stations in Southeast Asia are bullshit, and that there's no such thing for anybody with enough cash. That seriously hadn't occurred to you?

Comment Re:stop the beta whining (Score 1, Informative) 299

in the meantime, please don't be the reason people stop posting and turn this into nothing but beta whining.

Speaking of stopping posting, it's time for US Slashdot users to start logging out. The boycott lasts from February 10 through February 17. Let's make it hurt. More specifically, let's make sure DICE hurts -- we're not really hurting /. because /. is US.

Comment Re:Proposal Response (Score 1) 19

I'm sure such a site could still sell enough advertising to break even and a little extra, as long as they sought out advertisers who understand who we are and want to reach exactly those people.

I'll just throw something out there as someone who works in the media business. I'm in editorial, mind you, so the money side of it is not my thing and I mostly pay no attention to it. But I have worked in offices with people whose job it was to get advertisers to spend money. And just based on the gossip I've heard around the water cooler, the general feeling among sales types is that Slashdot couldn't sell an ad to the Pope on Christmas, I'm sorry to say. The perception is that this community has massive value, but nobody knows how to extract that value. Certain aspects of this community -- most likely, love of free software, liberal opinions when it comes to things like the Pirate Bay and BitTorrent, general cynicism and hatred of corporate messaging, if I had to guess -- make it poison to advertisers. Everybody wants this market, but nobody wants to market to this market if there's a strong chance that it will actually backfire and make them look worse.

So that's the position Dice is in. I'm not saying this to condone how they've handled /. since they acquired it. I've already made my opinions on that clear. I'm just saying it to give you guys some impression of where we are and why.

Comment Distributed storage for families (Score -1, Flamebait) 168

When you're talking about consumer storage for families, you need three things: reliable, easy to use, and web-based.

That said, it seems to me what you're looking for is SLASHDOT BETA. It has been designed with ease of use in mind, in fact, a complete idiot could poke around at its big images all day and have a great time, and all the whitespace means you'll never get lost, even if you have a major stroke while using it. It's reliable, because unlike the old Slashdot its daily traffic is almost zero, so you'll never have to worry about slowdowns. And it's web-based, because unlike the old Slashdot it uses lots of HTML5 and JavaScript, so that's how you know it's the web, real modern-like.

On the other hand, if you'd prefer to BOYCOTT SLASHDOT, that starts on Monday, February 10. Make sure you logout on Sunday, so that even if you want to check in to see whether Dice has got the message, Slashdot gets NO TRAFFIC from registered users.

And for all you quislings posting about "whining ACs," my real name is Neil McAllister and I am one of the first 5,000 people to register on Slashdot, which means I have been here for almost 20 years. I am fully in support of the anti-beta effort and I am willing to burn all of my karma to bring you this message.

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