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Comment Re:Mobile apps and screen sizes, legit problem (Score 4, Interesting) 331

Exactly. It reminds me of the times when there were websites displaying in 640x480 no matter the resolutrion of your screen. Some designers apparently feel excruciating physical pain at the thought that one viewer in podunk might see a single pixel rendered off by 1.

The same people insist on hyper expensive calibrated lights, monitors, paper, and ink to get the colors just right on a flyer even though the readers will be in widely varying light wearing a variety of tinted glasses with completely unknown backgrounds.

They simply don't get relative layouts or the concept that the viewer is supposed to control the presentation.

Comment Re:TPM is all you need. (Score 1) 100

Why should a firmware bootloader impose any difficulty on an OS based on popularity? What of the next great OS that has a total user base of one developer?

If secure boot wasn't designed to be more lock-in than secure (or alternatively, wasn't designed so poorly) it would never be a problem for the owner of a system to securely boot anything of their choice WITHOUT turning the protection off. The problem is in who does/can sign the bootloader.

Were it properly designed, there would always be at least an owner key and an OEM key. The bootloader and OS could ask whose key was used to authenticate the boot (and check key fingerprint, etc). The owner could ass/subtract keys at will.

Comment Re:I'll say it (Score 1) 526

That is a good case for quad core or a specialized core for the cameras, but 8 might still be excessive.

I can see 8 cores being useful in some situations at some point, particularly if camera resolution continues to increase, I just don't see the current need to be so large and obvious that I would criticize Qualcomm for not seeing the need.

Comment Re:TMI was the sort of accident we needed (Score 1) 233

I do agree that complacency and corner cutting is a problem. s I understand it w/ TMI, part of the problem was also lazy design of the controls. In some cases a control and the instrument that would indicate it's proper function were nowhere near each other (such as the PORV that started the problem and the temperature reading for it's outlet). TMI offered a wake up call, but unfortunately outside the engineering it froze out nuclear poer entirely for a good while.

I mostly ranked the ESR lower because the release didn't rise to significance and TMI's 'fallout' included a mass panic and media scare.

Comment Re:TMI was the sort of accident we needed (Score 1) 233

It was certainly an accident. I should have been clearer, it is not an accident with ongoing problems being felt. Both Chernobyl and Fukushima have left an ongoing problem. The experimental Sodium Reactor was even milder than TMI.

The one that always amazes me is Windscale. The core was exposed to the environment BY DESIGN, cooled by blowing air through it and then venting it directly to the atmosphere. The metal uranium fuel (not the oxide fuels used today) caught fire and burned for days. For all of that, the consequences were minimal.

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