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Comment Re: Backlash (Score 1) 148

Advertisers make their living on loopholes and weasel words. They would have said that no matter what.

The simple fact, whether they like it or not, is that a great many people find being tagged and tracked like animals by a creepy corporate stalker to be distasteful in the extreme. Of the rest, practically none actually think being tracked is cool and even less would object to DNT being set.

The purpose of default settings is to make the vast majority happy enough. And that dictates setting DNT.

Frankly, even if you sent them a video of you signing a do not track request form literally carved in stone and have it notarized, they would claim you just didn't fully understand the issue and so your opt out wasn't genuine.

Comment Re:Why is it a sealed criminal complaint? (Score 1) 442

Perhaps those stories would have more credibility if the last "amazing revelations" hadn't proven to be a tempest in a teapot and if thyey actually reported them as they happened rather than trotting them out when they are in the hot seat.

Remember the big terror plot where those students in the UK were going to use TATP to destroy a plane? Turned out it was actually impossible, they had no supplies, no passports, and no plane tickets. All talk, no action.

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