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Comment do not claim anything (Score 1) 794


I'm right there with you. I'm no fan of Whole Foods or homeopathy. I wanted to bolster your point a bit...

When you absolutely know that your products do not do what they claim to do

The trick here is that the packaging of these products cleverly avoids ever providing any guidance for usage. It never lists 'indications' like a traditional pharmaceutical package. These products are packaged advertising the contents, and that's it.

Believe you me, if they crossed that line and promised that this product is an effective treatment for this malady, then the FDA would crush those companies into tiny pieces that could be taken orally or rectally. Instead, the promotion of these products is performed by acupuncturists, herbalists, and other quacks who fly under the federal government's radar.

Whole Foods isn't the witchdoctor, it's just the enabler for the witchdoctor's patients.

Comment Re:Color Run owner contact info and photographer's (Score 1) 218

If the runners were on public property, they will have a difficult time suing over control of their image.

If they were on private property, like perhaps a strip club, then they would have a very strong position to sue the photographer.

I expect the Color Ruin will end up having to settle out of court. Probably will hand over some amount of money less than $100,000.

Comment Re:Good luck with getting people to wear those (Score 1) 664

I empathize 100% with your reaction to this. I would similarly rebel if asked to participate in such a system.

Hitachi are not ignorant, however. They sell business systems as a significant part of their offerings. It's likely that this product concept is not so much marketed at enabling micromanaging as much as allowing for bigger-picture mapping of business processes within a complex organization. Though I'm not sure how it captures communication performed via email or telephone.

Comment increasingly unemployed working class (Score 1) 664

Eventually, no more truck drivers. No more UPS guys. No more mail carriers. No more taxi cab drivers. No more pizza delivery boys.

You're right. And with technologies like Watson being deployed, reduced need for telephone CSR workers. Jobs for English-speaking people with a high school education are being scraped out of our economy through technological efficiencies.

"Plumbers make great money! There will always be work for plumbers," people say when arguing against the value of a college education. That perspective doesn't take into account plumbers don't need to speak English and those jobs can be filled by hard-working Spanish-speaking immigrants, thereby reducing the standard wages to something below the imagined level of "great money." STEM curriculum is going to be essential for protecting the current generations of students from becoming the unemployable middle-class of the future.

Comment Re:NWS -- more info (Score 2) 405

And you, Anonymous Coward, are the fat cow on which business models are built.

"Are you sure, Joe? Won't people cancel service and switch to a competitor?"

"Sure. Some will. But there's a certain number of them who are too apathetic to get off their butts and do anything. Those are our REAL customers."

See also: AOL

Comment Re:on slashdot its always funny to see (Score 1) 320

This story has half the number of comments than the one about code after it, despite it being slightly older.

Just shows you don't know how to look at data.

Sweet Jesus, it's true.

And he even brought up that 97% turkey.

AGW True Believers are the quintessential "Correlation != Causation" offenders.

Comment Re:More use for him? (Score 1) 135

They should start paying him. A lot.

Just because he was involved in some petty computer mischief with some other hooligans does not mean he has top-of-the-job-market skills. In fact, because he got caught by the FBI by accidentally exposing his IP address would indicate he isn't an elite player. The dudes out there operating out of the FBI's reach are the ones deserving to be 'paid a lot.' They likely are being paid a lot, too.

Comment Pay no attention to this paper (Score 1) 465

Ignore this paper or continue to be victimized by imperialist time-travelers.

1. If this study had found examples of prescience, are we expected to believe that time travelers wouldn't have looked at the results of the study and then zipped back prior to the study and expunged the evidence?!?!?

2. You know, if I were a time traveler looking to hide my existence, I would probably publish a study just like this.

Comment Re:malware = local (Score 2) 189

If you can already infect inside computers, do you really need to hack the router?

The first computer is compromised via email spam, spearfishing, drive-by browser vulnerability, etc. That computer is the beachhead for the attack on the router.

The router is then used to compromise all the other computers on the network. DNS is the easiest way. When the other users attempt to access URL's for Microsoft Outlook webmail, bank accounts, etc. the router misdirects them to fake websites that capture their login credentials or attempt drive-by browser exploits, etc.

Comment Re:Glad I am not one of the crew on that ship... (Score 2) 168

Don't worry about the crew. They'll be fine. Getting stuck in the ice for weeks or months is par for the course down there. Seriously. This whole episode was only remotely newsworthy because they had a large number of passengers and perhaps not enough food for a long-term stay with comfortably-sized rations.

I just read the book about Ernest Shackleton's voyage, and their epic journey really puts this stuck vessel in perspective. Dudes were in a wooden ship that got stuck in that ice and the hull was crushed. Those guys didn't make it back to England for 3 years, living on the ice in tents, sailing rowboats through incredibly rough seas, and doing it all with very crude clothes, tools, and equipment. The book is appropriately titled "Endurance" after the ship they set sail in.

Comment Re:News for Nerds? (Score 3, Insightful) 211

I thought exactly the same thing. It's like the staff at Slashdot don't recognize that its audience would collectively know a million times more about this topic than the goofball at "" would.

This kind of post is disrespectful to the audience. It's the kind of thing that drives it away and then you're left with mainstream audience who doesn't know crap about tablets. How profitable is advertising to them? Probably not as much as advertising to people who routinely configure Cisco routers or select cloud platforms for enterprise application deployments.

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