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Comment Re:News for Nerds? (Score 3, Insightful) 211

I thought exactly the same thing. It's like the staff at Slashdot don't recognize that its audience would collectively know a million times more about this topic than the goofball at "tabtimes.com" would.

This kind of post is disrespectful to the audience. It's the kind of thing that drives it away and then you're left with mainstream audience who doesn't know crap about tablets. How profitable is advertising to them? Probably not as much as advertising to people who routinely configure Cisco routers or select cloud platforms for enterprise application deployments.

Comment skeptic is writing season 5 of Walking Dead (Score 1) 163

Driving one of this into a hoard would simply shred the zombies. An even better effect would be the same kind of mechanism, but with the shaft horizontal and the weights spinning in the horizontal plane. Guaranteed to crush skulls.

Hmm. Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Comment Re:The end of an era. (Score 5, Interesting) 154

Wouldn't shock me to see him do a new start up company in the mobile games space and re-invest himself in Armadillo Aerospace again.

Armadillo Aerospace lost the race for the SpaceX prize. It didn't develop any compelling intellectual property that set it much apart from the other commercial offerings in space travel, so it's become an also-ran. There are no plans for it to do much of anything unless another tycoon comes along and injects vast sums of cash. Carmack is done floating it with his own personal wealth.

His new passion is Oculus Rift. He brings great momentum to that project.

His presence at iD and Oculus probably became strained due to Oculus wanting to be platform & engine independent, while iD would obviously want priority compatibility built into Oculus for their engine.

Comment not speaking to the real issue (Score 2) 256


You are an apologist for an overreach of which you don't seem to fully comprehend or appreciate.

In the early days of these Snowden releases, Senator Nancy Pelosi represented your perspective. She downplayed the NSA programs saying there was full Congressional oversight and she had been aware of them through her briefings and they were ok.

Every week she was asked by reporters, "Did you know about such-and-such, and did you approve of it?" Early on she answered "Yes" to these queries. But somewhere along the way before it was revealed the NSA had tapped Angela Merkel's personal cellphone, Senator Pelosi realized there was a lot she didn't know about. The NSA had played her and her peers for fools. Now Senator Pelosi doesn't field those questions from reporters about oversight and what she had approved.

I predict as you learn more about the activities and programs of the NSA, you'll change your tune as well.

Comment Re:Great, now arrest em. (Score 1) 666

You're absolutely right. He picked a junker of a supercar. According to this article, the AMG CL55 is one of the fastest-depreciating automobiles available. Its starting price tag is $120,000, but with 115,000 miles on the clock, it probably cost less than $10,000 for the initial purchase.

Comment Re:Technology is hard and dangerous (Score 5, Informative) 610

The metal is so much thicker on those old cars, we had to use a sledge hammer instead of a normal body work hammer to take the dent back out

I apologize if I'm stating the obvious here...

Most older products were over-built for durability because there were not methodologies for engineering minimum material for the required applications. Cars and other things were built with thicknesses of material that were tested and known to work. To reduce that thickness risked approaching an unknown threshold for failure. Trial-and-error was used where budgets allowed to reduce material, but this was an expensive process and in most cases the manufacturer chose to overbuild.

In more recent years, computer modeling has enabled engineers to load test structural designs so that the product can be built with the minimum amount of material required to satisfy the desired application. This benefits the producer, the consumer, and the scrap yard, while delivering overall efficiency.

Comment Re:Not bad (Score 1) 151

Rudy speaks the truth here.

I'll even take it a few steps forward. Michael Dell has probably already collected a whole list of price quotes from entities offering to buy up these assets and that page of numbers adds up to at least a dollar more than $24.9 billion. He's going to slash jobs galore, then sell the valuable parts on Craigslist or Ebay.

Comment the cloud killed hosting providers (Score -1, Flamebait) 178

Consolidation has killed the hosting business that you describe.

The big players like hostgator and godaddy have snapped up the business that used to be distributed across thousands of web hosting businesses. The cost of providing support has made it impossible for the smaller players to compete with them.

And then there's the cloud. Companies like Digital Ocean and Ram Node are offering complete virtual server packages for the same price as a web host only used to provide (~$5.00 / month). Not only can you host an unlimited number of domains, you can run your own email, ftp, proxy, et. al. You can even host bittorrents or streaming radio stations.

More functionality at the same price. They have no way to compete other than to radically change their service offerings.

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