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Comment Re:reality show rejects (Score 1) 181

I don't know how crazy it is. It's 3 smart phones with unlimited texting and voice and 6 GB of data aggregate across the three devices (family plan). I would guess your low bill is due to not having data/limited data, which is a no go for us.

I'll give it a look, however. I have 5 phones clear and free of contracts. Maybe I can put my kid on something like that and save a buck or two.

Comment Re:reality show rejects (Score 1) 181

You want a citation? Ok, common knowledge and generally accepted facts need no citation. This is especially true when the information is something readers should already know, readily accept, and easily find in general references (like the Internet or paying attention in life).
~APA Publication Manual (5th edition). I might have embellished the last part.

One example of common knowledge and a readily accepted fact would be that modern cars are far more reliable than cars from the 1980s. So if you want to bring anecdotal evidence that flies squarely in the face of common knowledge, then the burden of citation is upon you.

I hate to be a douche about it, but you kind of asked for it. And technically speaking, I asked you to "site" it. Not sure what the hell I was thinking there.

Comment Re:reality show rejects (Score 1) 181

Phones "only a few hundred dollars - less in America". Yeah, good luck with that. New smart phones are $199, sure, but I pay $250 a month for three data plans and three phones and I get a hefty employee discount. When I was young, I would have NEVER prioritized a phone, at current expense, over other things. Phone plans are like a car payment, but it never ends as long as you are using a phone. It's no wonder young people don't have cable, or sometimes, cars.

Comment Re:reality show rejects (Score 1) 181

...and other than impatience and a high degree of tolerance to standing in line (to get ticket), standing in line (to get popcorn) and standing in line (to be seated) followed by trying to get a seat which doesn't suck or isn't close to some noisy or obnoxious clod there seems little argument for being there on opening night.

Reasons to never visit a chain theater again. They are worse than chain restaurants. If you can, go to a local "movie and brews" type place. Alamo Draft House, for example here in Austin. No lines - you buy online, you print your ticket, you reserve your seat, they bring food to you. Bonus: they ban texting and talking and don't let people in after the movie starts. THAT'S how to run a theater. Not 3 gallon buckets of popcorn for $10, not gimmicky Movie premieres. Good food, good beer, good service, and no moronic customers allowed.

Comment Re:Amusing (Score 1) 355

Like Sears, MS exploited an unique market position to enter many other markets.

This comparison is very accurate. If you spend much time on eBay or Craigslist, you're sure to see vintage products branded as Sears or Montgomery Wards. Crazy stuff that sometimes makes you scratch your head wondering why they ever thought it would be a lucrative product segment that they'd make any kind of money offering an in-house brand.

I once found an old snowmobile suit in a thrift store with a Montgomery Wards label. At the time, I wondered how many snowmobile suits were ever sold that Montgomery Wards felt they needed to get into the market. I guess they were playing hardball with the manufacturers at the time and cut a deal with one vendor to make MW-labelled suits and that positioned them to tell dictate pricing to the other venders lest they not be carried alongside the MW snomobile suits.

Comment Non-traditional Student (read: old) (Score 2) 192

My wife was a non-traditional student recently. We bought an iPad because one term of books cost more than the iPad. Nobody told us the e-books were gonna be just as expensive as the physical books, and they expired to boot. Not the iPad's fault, but iPad-as-cost-savings is a pretty short sighted strategy.

She did like not having to carry 25 lbs. of books around in 100+ temps though.

Comment Re:Good news for stockholders (Score 1) 633

Again, missing the point. People don't "need" outlook. They think they do, they buy an iPad, configure the mail tool to their exchange server, then forget they ever needed outlook in the first place. There's no point in arguing because if people really wanted to do Office stuff on their tablet devices, they wouldn't be buying millions of iPads. But they are, because they don't want to, which is the point Microsoft is missing.

Comment Re:Ballmer was fired (Score 3, Funny) 357

This is one of the most astute comments I have read about Ballmer's departure all day.

Continuing in this direction, I wonder if the timeliness of his announcement was based on the need to begin production of Surface 2.0. Board of directors wasn't willing to throw good $billions after bad. They got rid of the guy who was signing the checks for more Surface investment and are about to follow HP's example and bring in a CEO that will shut down tablet development and the mobile OS.

By no means am I agreeing with HP pulling plug on WebOS, but I do think Microsoft might be gearing up for more staggering losses than HP suffered if they continue with these products (Surface & WindowsRT). I expect to see WindowsRT open-sourced and tossed on the side of the road within weeks.

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