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Comment I wasn't talking about volcano emissions. (Score 0, Troll) 229

Five minutes of reading about volcanic gas emisions and sun spots should convince you that your claims are false....

Except I wasn't talking about gas emissions from volcanoes.

I was talking about the basic frequency of volcanic and geologic activity. Let's just say "Earthquakes" so we can stay clear of preconceptions.

Earthquake frequency is steadily rising, and this, among the other non-emission related items indicated, are tightly linked to the climate change events we are experiencing today.

People are clinging to the belief that climate change MUST be our fault, and therefore is also within our power to fix.

It isn't.

As for reading about sun spots. . , I suggest you do some.

Comment Re:That's Right EA. (Score 1) 197

EA doesn't own Scrabble. They've licensed it from Hasbro and are now responsible for the Facebook and mobile phone releases. The previous Facebook version was developed by Gamehouse. I wouldn't say either Gamehouse or EA have done good jobs with their releases. If they had, there would be no market for Words with Friends. That entire game is successful because of Scrabble fans who hate the versions made by Gamehouse and EA.

Comment Re:big box stores are dying (Score 1) 214

Oh, you're right. They are dying. Circuit City was proof of that.

Not sure if Microsoft is paying for floorspace. More likely they're providing sales staff working on the Microsoft payroll who were trained by Microsoft trainers. Commission is probably not paid on their sales, either... Best Buy keeps the commission that they would have otherwise paid to their own hourly sales associate.

Comment Re:Just so you know (Score 1) 252

While OSX's Intel GPU performance is now lagging behind linux, I have to say I'm genuinely impressed by the quality of the drivers. I've never seen glitches or corruptions in rendering - and speaking as a guy who's been writing opengl for 10+ years, I've seen a lot of shit drivers. Particularly on the OSX side of things.

Intel's drivers for OSX ( whether written by apple or intel, IDK ) always produce correct output, even if performance isn't always top notch.

Comment EA's fumble with Scrabble -- Star Wars (Score 1) 254

As EA has done with so many properties it contracts for, they completely devalued the game of Scrabble with their horrible port. With that example as a predictor of what they'll do with the Star Wars property, we can look forward to seeing a third party's massive success marketing "Laser Swords with Friends" across FaceBook and iOS.

Comment Re:Why is this a problem? (Score 1) 717

More to the point of challenging forensics is the lack of any rifling leaving marks on a slug to match it to its source weapon.

I doubt the melting-down of a weapon would befuddle investigators any more than when traditional guns are thrown into rivers, lakes, and oceans. When it's gone, it's gone, be it plastic or steel.

Comment To put Ballmer in context.... (Score 1) 863

Supporting everything said above regarding the need to fire Ballmer, I'd like to point out one other thing that doesn't frequently get mentioned...

Look at the CEO's of Microsoft's competitors. They're geniuses. They're people who got to where they're at because they made a whole scaffolding of great decisions. They established themselves as distinctly really smart people and earned their ways into positions of leadership.

How did Steve Ballmer get into this crowd? He was roommates with Bill Gates.

Comment Chanting this in the hallways... (Score 5, Interesting) 199

Are they also upset that they invented the Tablet PC in 2002 and then Apple ate their lunch eight years later by actually delivering it in an appealing form factor that people actually wanted ?

I'm not sure how you're sourcing this, but this is actually a very accurate depiction of Microsoft's deluded perspective. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine was working as a consultant on some projects with Microsoft and was flying to Redmond frequently. I asked him if the people he was working with were feeling disillusioned about where they've been heading and their prospects against the competition. He related that they were proud that their company had already invented the tablet several years ago.

Internally, they must be bragging about that as a morale-booster or something in the face of pretty daunting prospects for what they're working on now.


Comment because Roblimo doesn't try hard enough (Score 1) 36

Roblimo is trying, but failing as a video producer. He goes onsite to Texas locales without any preparation, research, etc. and spontaneously attempts to conjure up questions to ask people about the event.

Most of what he asks the people could be found on any flyer about the event. Better questions would have been:

1. Is a pinball renaissance afoot? 2. Why wasn't the kid from Kaine's Arcade invited?


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