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Comment As a HS sophomore, I was told to not major in CS (Score 5, Insightful) 333

At age 15 my college plan was to major in computer science. This was in 1978. My father had me meet with some people who worked in the field. They all told me to find another interest, that by the time I graduated from college there would be nothing to do... all the computer programs would be written, all maintenance would be automated, etc. Lucky for me I snicker at crusty old fuckers, ie. anybody 20 years older than my current age.

Comment Or just keep drives from overheating (Score 1) 564

Heat kills drives so avoiding it is a big plus. I've had friends buy neat looking cases that didn't have proper drive cooling and the hard disk died. At three separate employers we had weekend air conditioning failures and each time hard drives died not just over the weekend but the following weeks as well.

My machines are in 4U server cases with a dust filter on the front, a 120mm fan in front blowing on the drive cage, and two 80mm fans in back pulling air through. Temps in the case stay low.

The other key is quality power supplies. A poor p/s can kill your drives or the motherboard with that on-board "RAID" functionality.

Make backups and take steps to avoid hard drive abuse through heat or unstable power. That should be good enough

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