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Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 199

Ok, lets infringe a bit of copyrights from around the world... think in the number pi.

Oh hi! It's Darren Aronofsky and Ang Lee at the door. They're having an argument about which one owns your number. Darren reckons he owns everything involving an electric drill, and Ang will settle for anything with a tiger in it.

Comment Re:AI Brain project (Score 1) 181

Why not focus on making AI BETTER than humans? Perhaps we aren't the best model to imitate.

How would we know if we've made something better than ourselves? Wouldn't recognising it as "better" require the ability in us to understand what it was trying to achieve?

From a certain point of view, vacuum has pretty much taken out the top evolutionary niche in our universe. There's more of it than anything else anywhere, ever. Do we consider it "better" than us? And if not, why not?

Comment Doesn't work in countries with transfer caps (Score 1) 505

Aww, you Americans with your unlimited Internet. You think everywhere is like that! It's so cute!

There's nothing "strangely territorial" about not letting strangers use my Wi-Fi in New Zealand. All our ISPs have monthly transfer caps in the tens-of-gigabytes range (I maxed my 20 GB limit out in three weeks this month). If we use more than the limit, we get charged - around $1 per gigabyte.

If I open my Wi-Fi for strangers to use -- even not taking into account legal liability from our new "Skynet" Three Strikes copyright law -- then I'm basically handing a blank cheque to the world, which I'll have to pay for.

*blink* Why would I do that?

Comment Re:Need for speed! (Score 1) 181

they should not be using a consumer-level OS and browser, but something a bit more realtime.


A Cyberdyne Investment Systems T-1989 Model 101 Tradinator (tm) rapid-response tactical securities infiltration, acquisition, monetisation and arbitrage platform. With optional cup holder and social-gaming connector.


Comment Re:So who won? (Score 1) 182

Company does a bunch of research work, and then says "Hey, we're now going to force everyone in the world to use our research work and pay us to do that, even if they'd prefer to use someone else's work for cheaper or free"

I forget, are we for or against authoritarianism? Depends who's paying the corporate standard committees, I guess.

Comment Re:Or we could... (Score 1) 735

And we have a perfect right to say "that's crap, and they'd have to duct tape me to the chair to get me to watch it" if appropriate.

Roger Ebert once thought as you do.

J. J. will show you the true meaning of the final episode of Lost. He is your master now.

It is pointless to resist, my son.

Comment Re:Wait a second... (Score 1) 735

Yeah! And now that you mention it... they really should make a sequel to "The Matrix" some day. It really is surprising that such a big hit was never followed up on... that I think about it, that's really---
---ut it, that's reall---
---'s really---
odd. Whoa. I just saw a black cat walk past my doorway twice

Now, what were we talking about? I can't quite put my finger on it, but something tells me I'll be much happier not remembering...

Comment Re:Come on, Alan ;( (Score 5, Funny) 380

They can't all be the worst!

You might very well think that, but then you encounter the non-Euclidean badness that is Unity/Gnome3 and all sanity goes out the window.

A million distributions, all simultaneously worse than each other is entirely possible with the way that Linux desktop development is trending at the moment.

Comment Re:This article is bullshit! (Score 4, Insightful) 404

Generally I am repulsed by those repulsed by the profit motive

And I'm repulsed by those repulsed by those repulsed by the profit motive. It's repulsors all the way down.

They didn't owe me a job in the first place so if I'm let go, so be it.

Hear, hear! Good clean social Darwinism. There shouldn't be any kind of "social contract" at all. Our corporations should be sleek, vicious, beautiful monsters, utterly amoral, streamlined of every impulse except a ravening urge to destroy the competition and feast on the juices of sweet, sweet captive markets, the blood and ichor of consumer franchises trickling down their fangs.

We don't need none of this Commie socialist "empathy" or "compassion" or "rational planning" or "thinking about the issues". That's for sissies.

Comment Re:Makes no sense. (Score 1) 207

the 'receiver pays' model of end users

Actually, I'm pretty sure that end users pay the cost of both sending and receiving data. It's just that home users tend to receive more data than they send (and vice versa for server owners).

You'd know this if you were on a data-capped home Internet service and ever ran BitTorrent. You can chew through gigabytes of cap pretty fast if you live a torrent uploading.

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