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Comment Re:Kid's artwork? (Score 1) 351

There are no age clause in the Berne Convention. You as a person owns the copyright to everything you create, except where contractual obligations apply. This could be an employment contract or perhaps a recording contract with a studio or a casting contract with a movie studio. But children cannot sign contracts and I'm sure public schools doesn't have contracts for pupils in any case, which basically means that the copyright to the works produced reside with the children themselves. Attempting to circumvent copyrights is a serious matter, especially if the victim is a child. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

Comment Not viable (Score 5, Interesting) 321

The locked subsidized phone model is not viable, at least not here in Denmark.

A year or so ago all the major carriers here agreed that they would stop the subsidizing and thus the locking of new phones. The value of the phone simply did not match how much the forced subscription (6 months) would yield and as many customers simply switched phone and carrier every 6 months, they consistently lost money.

So now you either pay the full price for the new phone or in installments on your phone bill. If you end your subscription after the first 6 months but before the phone was paid for, you had to pay the remainder in order to end the contract. Simple and avoids the creation of stupid laws to fix a broken business model.

Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 1) 133

I could make an argument that obesity is self induced.

That it is. It may be rooted in psychological causes both genetic, environmental and acquired, but it is (almost) never the result of someone else force-feeding you, so any and all motivation and incentive have to come from yours truly and nobody else.

Oh, and coming down from semi-obesity isn't all that hard (unless you're in a hurry). In the past year I've come down from 150+ kg to 96 kg today over the course of 13 months doing nothing more than eating at least one healthy meal each day (usually a 500g mixed salad), and only one serving at the other meals. I still eat junk food now and then. I still drink sugar-filled sodas. I still eat candy and chocolate. I don't exercise more, although I do tend to walk more. So it is possible without weird diets or exercise from Hell.

So I tend to say that failure to lose weight is caused only by the person itself. It doesn't take much change to do it so failing to do that is bordering on pathetic.

I spoke to a doctor specializing in diets once, and he 'revealed' that losing weight is beyond simple: Just use more energy than you eat, i.e. eat less or exercise more. Do that and don't cheat and you will lose weight. Eat more smaller meals and your metabolism will increase, thus using energy faster. Avoid mixing carbon-hydrates (sugar etc.) and fat and you can eat either without it ending up getting stored.

Comment Re:Woohoo piracy returns! (Score 1) 203

Kim made millions of selling bandwidth and 'cloud storage'. It should be of no more concern for him that pirates were among his customers than owners of toll roads should be that stolen cars, cars filled with stolen goods (or even murdered people) and similar were using their product. He never sold any downloads, illegal or otherwise; everything were available for free if you could be bothered to wait for a slow download.

Comment Re:No one reads the TOS. (Score 2) 246


Courts have upheld the ToS/EULA contained within a shrink-wrapped bundle in a way unreadable from the outside that states that by opening this bundle you agree to the contents and forfeit any rights to return the merchandise except where covered by warranty. Microsoft used these for a decade.

The correct way to handle the Microsoft EULA was to not open it and by other means access their website, read the EULA there and then you'd still have the option to return everything. Later they simply packaged their EULA in a separate loose pamphlet and only shrink wrap software and manuals.

Actually, most ToS are also 'impossible' - they usually state " accessing this site you agree to..." but you need to access the site in order to read that. which means that simply by reading the ToS you agree to them.

Comment Re:Global Dimming (Score 1) 251

Global Warming cause it to be warmer - I'm all for that! (I absolutely hate winter and cold weather!)
Global Dimming cause it to be colder... STOP IT IMMEDIATELY!!! (we need it to be warmer, not colder!)

Actually I believe in Dimming more than Warming as it again this year (3rd time in the last 4 years) is much colder than normal all over Europe...

Comment Re:That's it!! I've had it!! (Score 1) 251

No. Denmark is also doing it - of course we border on both Germany and Sweden...

It is possible to clean the exhaust from coal and natural gas powered plants (almost) completely (99.9%), but the stuff in the filters... Let's just say that it is handled in ways similar to nuclear waste... it's ultra-toxic and extremely hard to handle safely. It can be disposed of, but the process is complicated and very expensive, but we do it as opposed to storing the waste which is much less expensive - and much less safe in the long run.

Comment Chicken or the egg? (Score 1) 332

Isn't it always a question of what came first - the low IQ potential or the pot smoking? - Did they start smoking because they were borderline stupid or did they become stupid from smoking?

About a decade ago we had a huge discussion about "painter's syndrome" where professional painters showed symptoms very similar to chronic alcohol abusers. The painters claimed it was the solvent from the paints but studies showed that the painters did consume more alcohol than comparable groups, although not quite as much as alcohol abusers. The painters then claimed that the fumes made them drink, while their employers noted that a lot of painters ignored rules about protection against the fumes, often as a result of being more or less drunk. It was never really resolved as the paints in the meantime became water-based thus reducing the fumes. As far as I know the current generation of painters still drink more than average but their symptoms has all but disappeared.

Comment Re:.99% 1 share ??? (Score 1) 103

Cute, but no. Substantial (even insubstantial) parts count. See sampling in music.

Very fuzzy.

There used to be an 8-bar or 8-second rule (exception), but that seems unreliable these days as well.

Take ABBA for instance. They have successfully prevented anyone from using any form of samples from their recordings, regardless of length. The only legal sample out there is the one from "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme" Madonna used for "Hung Up". Basically Madonna made the song and recorded a demo without clearing the sample, then sent it to ABBA asking how much it would cost to clear it. She got it at the bargain price of double-digit millions ($) upfront plus a double-digit percentage of all sales, easily the most expensive sample ever. Despite this horrendous price, Madonna still made a fortune on the song.

Comment IANAL, but... (Score 1) 103

Isn't this relatively simple?

If the creator of something like a photograph publishes this, for example by sharing it on twitter, then:

- It gets copyrighted (Berne)
- People can see it
- People can copy it (they do by just looking at it, both electronically and mentally)
- People can re-share it (twitter rules)
- People cannot sell it or make money from it due to it being copyrighted.

This also reminds me of the famous Scientology verdict where their 'secret teachings' turned out not to be copyrighted as they were not published in any fashion. This is why there's a bunch of books these days detailing exactly what's the inner secrets of Scientology are (meet Xenu!), and they can do nothing about it (except harassment of course). Oh, and not to forget: Operation Clambake.

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