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Comment Re:Science done right (Score 1) 89

When Curiosity was in the planning stages, 2gb for a comp was a major improvement. At some point they had to freeze the specs. If they had tried to keep up with Moore's Law, I doubt we'd have a functioning vehicle.

As far as bureaucracy goes, I hate it as much as the next person, maybe more. I wish humanity could come up with something better to ensure the success of complex projects.

Comment Re:Haven't we known this for decades? (Score 1) 180

... it's pretty interesting to witness scientific findings, with all rigor and instrumentation techniques etc. rediscovering something your grand-grandmother could probably have told you.

Yeah, every now & then something spectacular comes out of studies of "common sense" things that everybody could have told you. I can't think of any at the moment 'cause I'm too tired.

Comment Re:memory storage is brain global (Score 1) 180

It's called an analogy, genius. How much of your brain did you have removed?

And it's certainly an analogy that would connect w/ the /. crowd. The AC's insightful analysis didn't help (yeah, big surprise).

Disproof of the AC's hypothesis. Do a gedankenspiel comparing the AC's brain and a disk drive.

Throw a feather at it, it won't break.
Hit it w/ a sledgehammer, it will break.


"I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy"

Comment Re:Sorry dude, it's Nero (Score 1) 412

Actually, it seems that most historians believe that 666 referred to Nero. Remember the scope of the New Testament. They expected the 2nd coming to be "right around the corner...all the signs are there". In the meantime, the faithful needed to be warned about Nero and what he was doing. Apparently 666 encodes "Nero" in Hebrew, or something like that. They were big into numerology back then.

Comment Re:Time to burn some points. HEY MBA STUPID PEOPLE (Score 1) 347

I went to Wiki and found no ref to ipad or ipod in it, but found a ref link to AppleInsider...

  Thursday, January 03, 2013, 06:05 pm
Corning's third-gen Gorilla Glass could be bound for next iPhone, iPad

By AppleInsider Staff
Glassmaker Corning on Thursday announced Gorilla Glass 3, a stronger, more scratch resistant version of the current substrate used in the display of Apple's iPhone and iPad lines of mobile devices.

Comment Re:blah blah Capitalism Evil blah blah (Score 1) 227

Well, I like sitting around and waiting for other people to do stuff for me as well as the next guy, but I figured, just this once, to do something, so here you go.

Aristotle talks about it in his "Politics" (turns out someone had cornered the market on olive presses).

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