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Submission + - Dozens of CIA operatives on the ground during Benghazi attack (cnn.com)

An anonymous reader writes: At least 35 CIA operatives were on the ground prior to and during the attack in Benghazi. There is speculation that along with the State Department, the CIA was involved in transferring Surface to Air Missiles and other weapons to Syrian rebels by way of Turkey.

Submission + - Watch the Crab Nebula expand over a 13 year period

The Bad Astronomer writes: A thousand years ago, the light from the explosion of a massive star reached the Earth. We now call this supernova remnant the Crab Nebula, and a new image of the Crab taken by astronomer Adam Block shows the physical expansion of the debris, made obvious in a short video comparing his 2012 observations with some taken in 1999. The outward motion of filaments and knots in the material can be easily traced even over this relatively short time baseline.

Comment Re:Privacy and freedom versus safety (Score 1) 100

A man name Franklin once said:
“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”

Yes Franklin did say that. But it's not true, and he knew it when he said it. Ever since the first families banded together to form tribes people have been trading a little liberty for a little safety and it's worked out well. In fact trading liberty for safety is a pretty good way to describe the entire arc of human history.

Not true? He qualified it with "essential Liberty" and "temporary Safety". Perhaps, without the qualifiers, he knew it to be false statement, but I've never seen anything that would indicate that he didn't believe his own statement.

Comment Re:WTF is the administration supposed to do? (Score 1) 1145

Yes, quite true.

Not so much. Nothing stops the President from submitting legislation to Congress. By law, he's even required to do so once a year. Heard of the Federal Budget?

Well, from the very beginning of the article you linked to...

"The Budget of the United States Government often begins as the President's proposal to the U.S. Congress which recommends funding levels for the next fiscal year, beginning October 1. However, Congress is the body required by law to pass a budget annually and to submit the budget passed by both houses to the President for signature".

It's a proposal. "Submitting legislation" has the nuance of the submitters being the legal representatives to do so.

Comment Re:Drive conservatively! (Score 1) 374

What part of "I try to get out of the left lane as soon as I can..." did you not understand?

Probably this part...

I'm sick and tired of Americans not actually giving a shit about the rest of society and see no reason why I should accommodate people

...Though you did qualify it with...

who disregard the rules and display unsafe and aggressive behavior.

...an important point, for sure. But this...

aggressive drivers like yourself make me want to drive as slowly as possible

...sort of implies that "You know best, and you'll get even with them!", which diminishes the other arguments.

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