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Comment Re:Can you stop the 24/7 coverage now? (Score 1) 175

The United States already killed 10 times the number of Afghans at a wedding early that day. But we don't hear about that, because no one cares about the US bombing civilians whose only crime was attending a wedding.

No they didn't. Somebody went through a lot of trouble to spread a reprint of a 2002 article.

Comment Re:What a waste (Score 1) 229

What do you define as work?

Work is getting somebody to give you money to do something for them. It's something one does to pay the bills.

A hobby is "working" on something that you enjoy, like artistic stuff. You may get money for it, but it won't pay the bills.

Once your hobby pays the bills, hey, that's your work! And your hobby is then being a sysadmin or whatever.


Comment Re:"boxen" (Score 1) 409

I never could make up my mind on the whole "boxen" thing. Some days it was irritating enough to kill over. Other days it would just slip out, like "pop" instead of "coke" from the lips of a southerner forced to live in chicago for too long.

The germanized plural of "box" is simply a nod to our Northern European professionals. I use it when I'm feelin' a bit deutsche.

At a minimum it does seem to show ones age though...

It's not age, it's seasoning.

Comment Re:It's Obama's fault (Score 1) 298

The polarization is because of the left wing agenda pushed by Obama. You see it when the poor rise up and congratulate the new pope while simultaneously agreeing to farm subsidies for Monsanto

We have a winner!

Yeah, this stuff sounds like it was generated by a "troll" generator, similar to the old buzzword generators.

Comment Re:Because you don't pay, you just complain (Score 1) 978

None of that is free and those costs must be passed on to the consumer somehow to at least break even and stay alive as a business.

True, and actually, I believe that "break even" puts it in the category of a non-profit org. I once commented on the price of some replacement bolts at a small mfg company that I worked at. The prez of the company replied that he has to make a profit on everything, else he'll go out of business.

Comment Re:Torturing aunts (Score 1) 440

Paraphrasing Madeleine Albright: "What's the point of having such a powerful military, if we never use it?"

It's there, so we use it. If it weren't there, we wouldn't be using it.

Yep. In the various civ games I play, typically I start out as a mind-your-own-business type. So inevitably, some local civs/tribes/whatever attack. I build up an effective defensive military. Bigger players come along and attack. I build up more. Eventually it comes to "the best defense is a good offense". If Empire X is going to be a constant issue, well, let's just take care of 'em while we have the armies in the field.

It tends to win. So, is it a Machiavellian/Sun Tzu principle? Is it my Western mindset? The mindset of the game devs? All of the above?

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