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Comment Re:Drive conservatively! (Score 1) 374

What part of "I try to get out of the left lane as soon as I can..." did you not understand?

Probably this part...

I'm sick and tired of Americans not actually giving a shit about the rest of society and see no reason why I should accommodate people

...Though you did qualify it with...

who disregard the rules and display unsafe and aggressive behavior. important point, for sure. But this...

aggressive drivers like yourself make me want to drive as slowly as possible

...sort of implies that "You know best, and you'll get even with them!", which diminishes the other arguments.

Comment Re:Teacher should of been ready (Score 1) 215

You can be a math genius and not have one shred of aptitude when it comes to imparting knowledge on others.


I find that, for myself, I'm a decent mentor, but a terrible teacher. I'm not much for stuffing info into heads that may or may not want to absorb it, but if said trainee wants to come and watch and learn, great. But the trainee has to want it...I can't make the person "excited" about a subject.

Comment Re:Can you stop the 24/7 coverage now? (Score 1) 175

The United States already killed 10 times the number of Afghans at a wedding early that day. But we don't hear about that, because no one cares about the US bombing civilians whose only crime was attending a wedding.

No they didn't. Somebody went through a lot of trouble to spread a reprint of a 2002 article.

Comment Re:What a waste (Score 1) 229

What do you define as work?

Work is getting somebody to give you money to do something for them. It's something one does to pay the bills.

A hobby is "working" on something that you enjoy, like artistic stuff. You may get money for it, but it won't pay the bills.

Once your hobby pays the bills, hey, that's your work! And your hobby is then being a sysadmin or whatever.


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