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Comment Re:Cyrillic is not a language (Score 3, Informative) 106

In China, CNNIC manages .cn in ASCII for their country code top level domain (ccTLD). They also manage .xn--fiqs8s (simplified) and .xn--fiqz9s (traditional) for ".china" in Chinese.

When you purchase a domain under .xn--fiqs8s, you get the same string in .xn--fiqz9s. This is referred to as "IDN Bundling". DNS resolves for both, but you only have to manage one domain.

It's yet to be seen what the New gTLDs will do for Chinese simplified vs traditional. Most likely, they will only accept simplified characters (to keep it simple!) but they could do bundling.

Comment Re:External September is over... (Score 1) 106

.UK has done well to expand its namespace. However, it seems likely that $ domains will be sold in the future, mostly invalidating the existing 3rd level domains.

One could argue Vietnam has gone overboard with their namespace expansion:

Comment Re:What is this? (Score 1) 143

In addition to SPF and DKIM, you should also publish DMARC records for your sending domain(s). This way, you can receive failure reports from the major providers that support DMARC.

(DMARC is a DNS TXT record just like SPF, but you list a 'mailto' URI to receive failure and aggregate reports of problem messages.)

Comment Re:What is this? (Score 1) 143

That's a bummer that the bi-directional communication does not help with your filtering.

However, asking the user to add your address to their address book may help.

You may also consider dividing your list up with multiple sender/receiver pairs. Subscriber A would get the email from your Sender A, and reply to her. Subscriber B would get the email from your Sender B, and reply to him. At least total counts from Sender A would be lower than a single Sender.

I'm assuming you are also using SPF (v1 and v2) and DKIM correctly.

If I was in the newsletter sending game, I suppose I would try Constant Contact and Mail Chimp and others like that, to see what they do (they probably all recommend the privacy eroding features, but you might learn some tricks).

Comment Re:What is this? (Score 1) 143

I think your opt-back-in-every-N-messages is a good idea.

Re-opting in could be done via replying to the email. This would establish a "communication" between the recipient and the sender. It should help against mis-qualifying other messages from the same sender as "spam" if there is a thread.

For example, Thunderbird's junk filtering allows you to whitelist your addressbook. Thus, these users should be encouraged to add his sender(s) to their addressbook. Replying to a few messages might do this (depending on client and settings).

Comment Or sick people didn't travel (Score 1) 168

The researchers say the finger of blame points to the invention of railways and steamships which allowed large numbers of people, and the diseases they carried, to travel long distances for the first time.

Or sick people didn't travel. Or the long-distance traveler stopped traveling after they became ill. Or a horse drawn cart didn't hold as many rats as ships or trains.

It would be neat to see a visualization of the spread of various diseases in our known history.

Comment Re:Biggest problem with Ubuntu: Upgrades (Score 1) 143

Windows went through many, many UI changes between Windows 3.1 and Windows 7. Almost all of those changes were improvements, and relatively few people complained.

No, lots of people complained, they just didn't have any choice. A minor change to Windows vs a major change with a new operating system. However, if Ubuntu ships with a new desktop environment like Unity, Linux users have a choice -- change the distribution but not the full OS.

I do agree that:

companies are trying to forcibly merge the dual-monitor-desktop experience and the smartphone experience in to a single unified experience and this grand experiment has spectacularly failed.

One size does not fit all.

Submission + - Amazing Video Game Ever (

An anonymous reader writes: video game: Well, as a considerable measure of things in life, there is no simple reply to that doubt. It relies on upon your own particular meaning of the expression "motion picture diversion".

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