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Comment The right people aren't angry about this (Score 1) 622

It's been 60 years since institutional racism was (supposedly) outlawed. What made it OK again for a government entity to establish that certain races are inherently inferior to others?

Since I have a decidedly white perspective on this issue, I'd be interested to get a different take on how governments are subscribing to this notion that minorities cannot compete on an even playing field. I'm more interested in understanding why people in these demographics aren't mad as hell at what these policies insinuate.

Comment Re:Not surprising considering our growth (Score 1) 816

"Our societies are now based on rampant consumerism and the freedom of the individual to do whatever they want, so long as it's not illegal and they can pay for it."

The majority of the people on Earth already live under repressive governments with horrendous environmental protection laws in place (if any). Your "solution" is to further restrict individual freedom. I think your idea needs some work.

Comment Satisfied with CFLs (Score 2) 743

For what my anecdotal account is worth, I'm completely satisfied with my CFLs. I've had nothing but CFLs in my house since about '04 and have only had to replace a half-dozen or so.

The energy savings justified the cost of the switch from incandescent bulbs to CFLs. Going from CFLs to LEDs, it isn't even close.

Comment Re:He likely has no case. (Score 1) 452

"But his is likely a case of a composer wanting to distance themselves from the politician who likes their music. That's not exactly a new phenomena by any stretch of the imagination."

Indeed, abusing the court system is as central to record labels' day-to-day business as is producing music.

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