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Comment Re:When is a bank not a bank (Score 1) 775

Yep, I bought some merchandise on Ebay that turned out to be counterfeit and Ebay/Paypals dispute solution was for me to pay to ship it back to the seller and then I would get my money back. When I explained that:

1. It is nearly as expensive to ship it back as it cost to buy it.
2. It would be illegal for me to ship counterfeit merchandise back out of the country.
3. I can prove it is counterfeit.

They would not change their minds and refund me under their protection policy so with about 1 exception I have never used paypal or ebay since then. I pretty much won't use either service unless I absolutely have to and would rather pay more than use them.

Basically the only fraud protection policy Paypal/Ebay honors is when it protects them from ever having to pay out.

Comment The right-of-ways are takings too! Where is my $$$ (Score 1) 341

First off the guy is clearly incorrect since this theory of his would invalidate virtually all regulation of say railways or power lines or gas lines.

More importantly, the guy is wrong because the property in question, not the cables/towers themselves but rather the right-of-way and the licensed spectrum that does not truly belong to those cable/telco companies. Those right-of-ways along public roads and along people's property underground are takings in and of themselves. The cable/telco cannot claim that regulating or placing conditions on the takings that they benefit from are themselves takings.

Comment Re:Fines... (Score 2, Insightful) 876

Seeing as 111.1 seconds to put a 101 key keyboard together has a labor cost of just 1.2 cents and will sell for anywhere from $3-$100 depending on the brand, model, and store it is sold in the labor cost is a tiny piece of the price.

You could easily pay the same workers $7 per hour and the labor cost per keyboard would only go up by about 20.4 cents a unit. I would be willing to pay an extra quarter for a keyboard knowing the work was done in humane conditions and the guy making them got a 1700% raise.


PDF Exploits On the Rise 183

An anonymous reader writes "According to the TrustedSource Blog, malware authors increasingly target PDF files as an infection vector. Keep your browser plugins updated. From the article: 'The Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the file formats of choice commonly used in today's enterprises, since it's widely deployed across different operating systems. But on a down-side this format has also known vulnerabilites which are exploited in the wild. Secure Computing's Anti-Malware Research Labs spotted a new and yet unknown exploit toolkit which exclusively targets Adobe's PDF format.'"

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