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Comment this is going on right now (Score 1, Insightful) 597


this dorner guy is systematically going after those whom he has targeted as being responsible for grave wrongs in the lapd

and a lot of people sympathize with him

the problem is, you don't actually solve any of the problems he's complaining about by shooting people

we live in a civil society. if you want to change a law, you change it. if you want to change a status quo, you agitate

shooting people does what? turns you into a target for a manhunt. that's it

you don't solve these problems with a gun. sorry

i don't really know why this stupid idea appeals to some people unless you are actually an unhinged individual

and yet your comment is modded +5 insightful? seriously?

all this tells me is there are far too many unstable people with guns in this country

there is no ammo box option. it's not an option in a civil society


and if you believe the ammo box is still an option, YOU are yet another problem the rest of us sane people who are pissed off with the DHS have to deal with

put away the fucking guns, you fucking wackjobs

not an option

Comment honestly? (Score 5, Insightful) 763

do something about it

it's only like this because not enough texans like you are agitating about this

i would bet a majority of texans agree with you. the problem is a highly motivated, highly vocal minorty highjack the process and the majority is quiet and complacent about the whole nightmare

you need to get involved. you get the texas you deserve. so put some effort into it, kick these militantly ignorant morons off your school board, and restore texas to the modern world

Comment tangentially related thought (Score 0) 665

how hard is it to get the software tuner to get FM radio working on a smartphone? it's not

so how come i know of no smartphone that offer it?

it can't be a tech decision, so it has to be a business decision

in which case, who is saying "no freaking FM radio on smartphones"? the manufacturers? the cell companies? the content cartels?

and depending on who is blocking it, why? what's the business logic?

and how come clear channel communications or whatever union of radio stations isn't screaming bloody murder about this status quo?

and i follow tech pretty closely. so how come i never see or hear any media coverage of this odd glaring oversight?

as for TV, i understand that QAM signals do not work for a receiver in motion

so my question is really just specific to FM radio (and AM too, why not?)

Comment Re:I guess the propaganda is working. (Score 1) 425

uh... you want me to do what again with your massive strawman?

the simple point is the warmongering is going on in iran just as much if not more so than the west. they chant "death to the usa" in massive demonstrations every year at least for over 30 years. they fund and supply terrorist groups and the assad regime. nevermind their OWN FUCKING PEOPLE rose up against them and they brutally murdered them in return. in ancient history? no, in 2009

this is how the regime in tehran treats its OWN PEOPLE:


and you want to talk to me about the west's warmongering?

Comment Re:I guess the propaganda is working. (Score 1) 425

because the warmongering is only on one side, and the iranian regime are peace loving hippies

no way are they chanting death to america in iran. no way are they helping the assad regime and other organizations in the middle east intent on killing civilians

clearly all malice exists on only one side here

is that what you are saying?

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